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YourMoneyGuard is a calendar based finance software to keep track of all your income and expenses daily. You can have clear view on how your earned money is spent and if you wish to save some of them you may plan to cut some expenses by marking which all are...

PixiShot (FREE Edition)

If you have thousands of images in your hard drive or portable media you must be having hard time to manage them all and keep them organized. PixiShot is a single window digital image management software by which you can sort all your photos by adding tags, titles, description etc....


If you are a frequent Internet user you must have experienced slow loading of many websites because of the images and multimedia contents of those sites. It  costs your valuable time making you sit idle for a while to let the desired website getting loaded. But this can be skipped...


To increase your typing speed or to learn typing without seeing the keyboard you need help of software which will show you the virtual keyboard with same layout that you are using and a typing task which you have to practice to improve your skill. Also learners should be able...

iNet Protector

Take a full control over the Internet access of your computer using iNet Protector. Whether you want to restrict everything except a program to access Internet or allow only your FTP, mail server or limit the internet access only to some specific sites iNet Protector lets you do these all. ...

Hide Folders

Hide Folders is a security software which can be used for hiding or hiding+locking user's files and folders to protect them from unauthorized access. It can also be used for marking your files 'Read Only'. Hide Folders works on system running on Windows XP or higher and can hide or...

Auto Data Backup Manager

Feeling tired of taking backup your important files and folder everyday to different locations? Or are you having hard time remembering which folder to take backup at what time? Using backup automation software 'Auto Data Backup Manager' you may schedule these tasks so that you dont' have to remember when...


SimplexCalc is more than a calculator, you can do arithmetic, scientific, expression and business calculation with the help its built in extensive list of functions and constants. Also you may add your own variable in order to solve complex problems. SimplexCalc is capable of showing result of unlimited expression length.


All the hardware devices attached to your computer either directly on the main board while manufacturing or through various ports has software driver which need to be installed to activate those devices. Microsoft adds the newly released drivers to its database periodically while releasing new edition of windows so that...

PC Startup Master

Most of the PC users face slower windows starup after installing so many programs as some of those get themselves listed on the starup programs list without your aknoglegdement. As a result the PC takes lots of time to load them all and reduces the system speed. To kill and...


If you want to see the files at the same time in two different directory or drive, make changes on them or even synchronize them your standard windows explorer will never let you do that. To overcome these limitations and to let the users experience better file management using their...


HTML, Java, and PHP editor EditPlus has been appreciated by the programmers in recent past for its rich features like Syntax highlighting of widely used programming languages, integrated web browser & FTP client, HTML toolbars and many more.

Highlights on EditPlus features:

By default EditPlus supports the...

Avant Browser Ultimate

If you do not want to have multiple internet browser installed in your computer and have been looking for a single browser through which you could use the three widely used rendering engine then 'Avant' may be the right solution for you. By installing Avant you can save your PC's...

Cobra Print Viewer

Cobra Print Viewer is an alternative to the standard print manager that comes with windows by default which has some limitations. If you ever wanted to view the actual images of the printing jobs prior to printing on the paper you can never do it with your standard printer manager,...

WinLock Professional

Access to the computers specially which are publicly used and sometimes personal ones has to be restricted where ever there is a chance of being used by others to prohibit them from changing the computer setting, access the files, install / uninstall applications or to control internet access. Standard windows...

EZ Speak

If your native language is not English but you are traveling or staying in a country where English is the widely used medium of communication you must learn this language with correct pronunciation. Also if you are planning to attend in a university or college where English is the only...

Smarty Uninstaller

Uninstall anything, clean your PC and make it run faster with the help of Smarty Uninstaller!

Every computer user go through an experience of hard time for uninstalling programs from their PCs more or less. There are some cases where user succeeded to uninstall but there are some leftovers,...

Copy Protect

Protecting the rights of original authors on their thesis paper, documents, pictures, multimedia files like audio and video has become merely impossible these days due to easy option to copy full or part of them by opening the original file. Almost everyone needs a solution to prevent piracy of their...

Plagiarism Finder

Checking Plagiarism is one key part of tasks for menuscript writers, online content writers, authors, website owners to ensure the integrity of their texts. Many of them usually do it by copying the texts or part of the texts and searching it in different popular search engines which is time...

Novicorp Wintoflash

Every windows computer user who have been looking for a solution to avoid going to service center or calling for help each time they face problems with their windows booting or corrupted system files due to virus attack and need to re-install their windows Novicorp's Wintoflash is the right software...

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Icecream Screen Recorder 2.70

Icecream Screen Recorder 2.70

Icecream Screen Recorder has everything you need for fuss-free screen capturing. The program creates screenshots and screencasts, records full screen or selected areas, captures video with audio, and features drawing tool and additional options ...

Staxofax Lite 6.12.04

The Staxofax philosophy Every PC user stores mail addresses, email addresses, web sites, phone numbers, photographs, notes, screen shots, graphics and text items on their Computer. The problem is that they are all in different places and ...

500 Clips 6.10

500 Clips can copy and store up to 500 different clips, text or graphic. You can allocate hot keys or macros to clips and paste them directly from your keyboard. It also has a superb encryption system which allows you to sign in to all your web ...

DupScout Server 7.9.18

DupScout Server is a server-based duplicate files search and removal solution, which runs in the background as a service and provides a web-based GUI interface allowing one to connect to the server using a regular web browser, configure duplicate ...

Nero MediaHome 2015.09.21

Nero MediaHome is the FREE media manager to organize your photos, music and video. Nero MediaHome lets you manage, edit, play, share, stream, sync and enjoy your media across all your devices. Nero Media Home brings together all your files from ...

Passwords Generator 3.04

The simplest way to get random and difficult passwords - is to use Passwords Generator. This program is incredibly simple in use, but the same time it allows all necessary functions. Now you can create countless set of passwords with one click. ...

Switch Plus Edition for Mac 4.94

Switch MP3 converter for Mac can convert mp3 files from many sources into wav format. Just add the files you want to convert to the list, select the format you want to use, and then click the convert button. Mac MP3 Converter Features: * ...

Express Animate Animation Free 1.20

Express Animate Animation Free 1.20

Create motion animations and add animations to your videos with Express Animate. Express Animate is free animation software that gives you the ability to animate shapes, text and imported images. Express Animate features: * Add video and ...

Tipard PDF Converter Platinum 3.2.58

Tipard PDF Converter Platinum is able to help you convert PDF files to Word, Text, RTF, Excel, EPUB, PPTX, HTML with perfect output quality. Besides, it also offers JPEG, PNG, GIF, TIFF, BMP, TGA, PPM, JPEG 2000 and other image output formats for ...


EfficientPIM is a cross-platform personal information manager that can help you organize and plan your business and private life. With EfficientPIM you can keep track of contacts, appointments, tasks, to-do lists, birthdays, and much more. The ...

VintaSoft Imaging .NET SDK 8.3

VintaSoft Imaging .NET SDK 8.3

VintaSoft Imaging .NET SDK is the impressive and easy-to-use imaging library for viewing, editing, converting, printing and saving images and PDF files in .NET, WPF and WEB. Open architecture of image codecs allows to decode and encode ...

4Videosoft iOS Transfer for Mac 8.1.88

4Videosoft iOS Transfer for Mac 8.1.88

4Videosoft iOS Transfer for Mac does well in transferring video, music, photo and many other multimedia files from computer to iOS device such as iPhone 6s/6s Plus, iPhone 5S/5C, iPad Air 2, iPad mini 3/2 and iPod, etc. Ir can also convert the ...

PTC Mathcad Express 3.1

PTC Mathcad Express is free-for-life engineering math software. You get unlimited use of the most popular capabilities in PTC Mathcad - the most powerful technical calculation software available. Easily solve, document, share and reuse vital ...

PC Win Booster

PC Win Booster

Scan, clean and fix your PC. Remove obsolete, harmful or unused items, create system backup, fix system errors and much more! Make your PC operate clean, safe and fast. Scan critical errors and vulnerabilities. These errors can arise from the ...

ARoglyph for Android 1.0

ARoglyph for Android 1.0

Share ideas with people nearby. Prehistoric people wrote their notes on the walls of their caves. With ARoglyph you don't have to -- instead you can place your marks on the new layer of reality. Share your ideas with people around you ...

TimeBreak 1.0

TimeBreak 1.0

TimeBreak is a simple utility that, when installed on your computer, can monitor your kids' time spent on the computer, and automatically log them off or lock their session when their assigned time is up. You can configure how much time is ...

Network LookOut Administrator Pro 4.1.3

Network LookOut Administrator Pro 4.1.3

The Network LookOut Administrator Pro allows you to see live screens of remote computers or show you screen to students. You can take control of a remote computer by controlling the mouse and keyboard. This way, you can always watch what users ...

ACDSee Pro

ACDSee Pro

ACDSee Pro 9 - Established photo enhancement and management solution, ACDSee Pro 9 not only stands the test of time, but continues to take on an ever-expanding list of improvements and new features designed to give users the stunning results and ...

BulkZip File Compressor 7.5.1124.4856

BulkZip File Compressor 7.5.1124.4856

Strong and secure file compressor for text, multimedia and raw data. BulkZip is a commercial file compression/file archiving software, providing you with strong and secure data compression. You can try BulkZip before you buy, its trial ...

Sheet Lightning Pro 6.21D

Sheet Lightning Pro 6.21D

Sheet Lightning is a specialised engineering 2D/3D CAD System for creating and unfolding sheet metal designs for fabrication or manufacture. It handles everything from simple cylinders, cones, rectangular ducts and ovals, to adapters, adapting ...

Zebra Screen Recorder 1.8

Zebra Screen Recorder captures your PC desktop activity into standard MPEG or AVI video files. It records everything you see on the computer screen, including the entire desktop, windows, menus, cursors - even video with sound. Screen ruler ...

DiskBoss 6.2.14

DiskBoss is an automated, rule-based file and disk management solution allowing one to perform disk space utilization analysis, file classification and categorization, duplicate files detection and removal, high-speed file synchronization and ...

Tipard DVD Ripper 7.2.70

Tipard DVD Ripper not only convert DVD disc to any popular video format like MP4, AVI, MKV, WMV, MOV, M4V and more, but also can rip your DVD movie to HD H.264, HD AVI, HD MPG, HD TS and so on. In addition, it provides you with multiple editing ...

Thumbs.db Viewer Pro 3.6

Thumbs.db Viewer was written to give the computer user tools to reconstruct Thumbs.db, ehthumbs.db, thumbcache_*.db (Windows Vista,Windows 7) and iconcache_*.db (Windows 8/10) database records. Thumbs.db is a hidden system file generated ...

QuickFileBackup 1.1.12

QuickFileBackup 1.1.12

Quick file and folder backup with incremental filecopy, and backup profiles. Backup all your files easily and quickly. Windows 7 32bit and Windows 7 64bit, Winxp.

Universal SQL Editor

Universal SQL Editor is a lightweight Intellisense-enabled database query tool. It allows you connect Oracle, DB2, SQL Server, Sybase and any ODBC compliant database, and edit complex SQL with Intellisense-like autocompletion, highlight ...

Disketch Disc Label Software Free 3.39

Disketch is a free CD and DVD disc labeling software for Windows. It allows you to create CD and DVD disc labels as well as cover images for CD and DVD jewel cases. You can import your own art work, or set a simple background colors and organize ...

ThunderSoft Flash to Video Converter 2.3.7

ThunderSoft Flash to Video Converter is a professional Flash converter for Flash SWF to video conversion. It helps to convert Macromedia Flash SWF to AVI, MPEG, iPod/PSP (MP4), MOV, MKV, WMV, GIF and more other popular formats with rich editing ...

Active@ Data Studio 10.1.0

Active@ Data Studio 10.1.0

Active@ Data Studio includes a set of powerful desktop applications as well as a bootable image which can be copied to either an optical disk or a flash drive. You can then dual-boot your computer into either a DOS or Windows environment. This ...

PilotEdit 8.7.0

PilotEdit 8.7.0

PilotEdit is a powerful file editor capable of editing huge files larger than 400GB (40 billion lines). PilotEdit provides the ability to edit, download, upload, sort and compare huge files. PilotEdit works on both 32-bit and 64-bit Windows ...

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Superb DJ software for creating awesome music which are liked by many audiences.

Marnisha    2015-11-28 07:48:29

BCWipe Total WipeOut

Erases all traces of any data saved in the hard drive permanantly, I suggest all to use it before disposing or replacing old hard drives no secure sensitive information.

Shmulik    2015-11-21 10:08:11

Nevron Draw

Nevron helps me to draw the diagrams for preparing proposal of setting new network accurately. I can add effects like a professional photo editor does, I also like the easy to use templates.

Paulin    2015-11-16 07:52:05

MyBrushes Paint for Mac

I love using MyBrushes Paint in my Mac, specillay it supports unlimited number of layers for editing, an excellent alternative of standard paint tool that comes with every apple.

H. Berry    2015-11-11 07:27:03

TimeGuard Network

TimeGuard helps generate bills for my clients considering the time spent on tasks and the labor cost.

Alfred    2015-11-08 07:36:27


It keeps record of my income and expenses, I can easily plan according to my budget, cut my cost easily.

Jaqulin    2015-11-02 07:37:16


I work on computer for a long perirod, my doctor suggested me to take a short after a certain period to stretch my back, but ofter I used to forget. WalkAway reminds me to do that now. I am happy to find such software.

Nutt. J. Sam    2015-10-28 07:22:37

Nero CoverDesigner

For designing CD / DVD covers Nero is the best of all, it is being used by millions users worldwide for its simplicity and flexible options.

Russel    2015-10-25 08:00:18

Coolmuster Android SMS+Contacts Recovery

On my Windows 7 PC, I used this tool to recover my lost contacts from my LG phone yesterday. I thought it would be more difficult, but it's really so easy. So happy with it.

funnytime    2015-10-16 05:38:43


Q4Search is a helpful search tool to get the right content from the desired directory in less time.

Maximilian    2015-10-11 08:11:43

Print Conductor

No need ot open every individual file to get them printed, Print Conductor will do it for you, just select the list of files which all you want to print, the software will check the printer and take care of the rest to printing them on. Support most of commonly used file type.

Kasin    2015-10-07 08:28:50

SuperEasy Backup Pro

Backs up your doucments and contacts easily, convenient than other similar products.

Katarzyna    2015-10-04 08:44:44

Lookeen Free Desktop Search

Great tool which can handle tons of files without any problems. Its fast in indexing. I like the search as you type function very much

izzey    2015-09-29 05:16:30

WinGuard Pro

Use this and secure your windows from unwanted changes or installation of new programs without your consent.

Richard    2015-09-22 08:47:25

Abettor Clipboard

This advanced screen capturing tool can capture anything you see on the computer screen, including the entire desktop, windows, menus, cursors, and even video with sound. It is an amazing tool.

Florian    2015-09-17 21:55:49