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Http 2.0 (

http is a small library of Java classes to let you do HTTP CGI GET and POST to a server. It will also encode parameter pairs for you. It does nothing on its own. It is intended to be incorporated into your own programs. To see a sample use have a look ...

Author: Canadian Mind Products | Size: 816 K | Freeware

Category: Web Authoring - Java & JavaScript


JOptions 0.0.3 Alpha (

Manage options in a Swing application with this small ...

Author: Kai Witte | Size: 1075 K | Freeware

Category: Development - Component & Libraries


JTelegraph for Windows 1.0 (

JTelegraph is a small library for providing messaging notification features to Java applications. It can be used as a replacement for modal message boxes. It is an attempt to replace modal messages with a fancy new messaging system.Features : Easy setup ...

Author: Paulo Roberto Massa Cereda | Size: 346 K | Freeware

Category: Development - Component & Libraries


ProgOptio Beta (

Small library to manage your program options in ...

Author: Balhok | Size: 10 K | Freeware

Category: Development - Component & Libraries


SilverMouse Beta (

SilverMouse is a small library that will add many features to Silverlight input system:right mouse button events supportleft mouse button events extensionsattach and detached events with extended methodsAdd mouse extensions to your application:1.Set "windowless" ...

Author: MoonRainbow | Size: 6 K | Freeware

Category: Development - Component & Libraries


ContiPerf 2.2.0 (

It is inspired by JUnit 4's easy test configuration with annotations and by JUnitPerf's idea of wrapping Unit tests for performance testing, but more powerful and easier to use: Using Java annotations for defining test execution characterisitics and performance requirements You can mark a test to run a certain number of times or to be repeatedly executed for a certain amount of time Performance requirements can be maximum, average, medium or any percentile exectution time Perfect control and readability of performance requirements You can run tests in two different modes, using them as simple unit tests or performance tests Easy integration with Eclipse and Maven Export of execution summary to a CSV file Small library without external ...

Released: Dec 5, 2012 | Author: Volker Bergmann | Size: 625 K | Freeware

Category: Development - Other Development


UniquE RAR File Library 0.4 (

The UniquE RAR File Library is a platform-independent, small and fast static library for decompressing RAR files (RAR archives are created with WinRAR). Full RAR v2.0 file format support of all compression methods, including multimedia compression and ...

Released: May 22, 2012 | Author: Christian Scheurer | Size: 407 K | Freeware

Category: Development - Component & Libraries


Lens - magnifying glass 1.3 (

A small tool for viewing the screen area in different zooms (from 1x to 64x), also it is a demo of the krpRegions library. The Lens supports 'skins', so you can easily create yourown 'skins' for this program. If you have designed anyskin ...

Released: Apr 11, 2012 | Author: ABF software | Size: 595 K | Freeware

Category: System Utilities - Shell Tools


HTMLCompacter 1.0 (

HtmlCompactor is a very small, fast and easy to use library that compact given HTML source by removing comments, extra whitespaces, and other unneeded characters without breaking the content structure. As a result pages become smaller in size and load ...

Released: Jan 29, 2012 | Author: njuxiahan | Size: | Freeware

Category: Web Authoring - HTML Tools


XML Mini 2.6 (

Mini-XML is a small XML library that you can use to read and write XML and XML-like data files in your application without requiring large non-standard libraries. Mini-XML only requires an ANSI C compatible compiler (GCC works, as do most vendors' ...

Released: Apr 25, 2012 | Author: Michael Sweet. | Size: 248 K | Freeware

Category: Development - Other Development


PCRE Workbench 1.5 (

PCRE Workbench is a small application that eases the process of designing regular expressions for use with Philip Hazel's PCRE library. Using PCRE Workbench you can write a Perl-style regex, set the appropriate compilation and execution flags and ...

Released: Mar 24, 2012 | Author: Renato Mancuso | Size: 998 K | Freeware

Category: Development - Other Development


SQLite for Excel for Windows 0.6 (

SQLite is a small, easy-to-use, open-source SQL database engine. SQLite for Excel is a lightweight wrapper to give access to the SQLite3 library from VBA. It provides a high-performance path to the SQLite3 API functions, preserving the semantics of the ...

Author: Govert van Drimmelen | Size: 516 K | Freeware

Category: Network & Internet - Tools & Utilities


JaCaL 1.2.0 (

JaCaL is a small, handy C++ library designed to add reference-counting to user classes, as well as custom deleters and weak ptrs support. Thus it almost eliminates the need in tr1:shared_ptr. Wrapped objects could be used with tr1:intrusive_ptr or with ...

Author: Aslan Dzodzikov | Size: 40 K | Freeware

Category: Development - Component & Libraries


UIHierarchy 1.2.5 (

UIHierarchy is a small Java library designed to ease AWT / Swing GUI development. The purpose is to highlight the meaning of containment hierarchy, so that code is easier to read and easier to maintain.Code gets much easier to understand, much shorter, ...

Author: Christopher Deckers | Size: 1013 K | Freeware

Category: Development - Component & Libraries


jXLS for Windows 1.0 RC2 (

jXLS is a small and easy-to-use Java library for writing Excel files using XLS templates and reading data from Excel into Java objects using XML configuration. Main Features: Using SQL queries directly in XLS templates Simple property access notation ...

Author: leonate | Size: 1239 K | Freeware

Category: Development - Component & Libraries


StringObject 1.0 (

A small string library as an example of using a virtual function table and creating the object with method-like calls.str.StrCatc("Hello");Normally one would need to call a virtual function using the lpVtbl-> syntax and pass the object as the first parameter.

Author: John Findlay | Size: 10 K | Freeware

Category: Development - Component & Libraries


QxOrm 1.2.2 (

A C++ library to help you with your ...

Author: QxOrm | Size: 8396 K | Freeware

Category: Development - Component & Libraries


JavaBar 20100506 (

JavaBar is small, simple library designed to help you generate, print and decode bar ...

Author: Ronald B. Cemer | Size: 2242 K | Freeware

Category: Development - Component & Libraries


dlib C++ library for Windows 17.44 (

Dlib is a general purpose cross-platform C++ library designed using contract programming and modern C++ techniques. Major Features * Documentation o Unlike a lot of open source projects, this one provides complete and precise documentation for every class ...

Author: Davis King | Size: 4823 K | Freeware

Category: Development - Component & Libraries


AntTweakBar for Windows 1.14 (

AntTweakBar is a small and easy-to-use C/C++ library that allows programmers to quickly add a light and intuitive graphical user interface into graphic applications based on OpenGL, DirectX 9, DirectX 10 or DirectX 11 to interactively tweak parameters ...

Author: philippe_ | Size: 4249 K | Freeware

Category: Development - Component & Libraries


Small Wish (

Cosplay from an Ah! Megami-sama fan, with a small shrine to the series on the site alongside the costumes and some ...


The Lost Library of Florestica (

Archive of stories by many authors and links. Series include Ranma ½, Sailor Moon, Tenchi Muyo, Ah My Goddess, Rurouni Kenshin, Trigun, Neon Genesis Evangelion, and Revolutionary Girl ...


The Dragon Ball Fanfiction Library (

Fiction separated by author, title, and genre. Home to over 500 ...


Yomiko's Library: An R.O.D: Read or Die Site (

Brief story summary and image ...


Small Lady Chibiusa Grows Up (

Also contains a small section dedicated to ...


Sailor Moon Doujinshi Library (

Online encyclopedia of fan-published books (doujinshi) featuring characters from Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon ...


LikeTelevision Cartoon Library (

Download streaming video clips of classic animated cartoons in public domain. Features Superman, Betty Boop, Popeye, Mighty Mouse, Casper the Friendly Ghost, Gumby, Little Lulu, Felix the Cat, Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, and Porky ...


Zazu's Library (

Stories, songs, and poetry submitted by ...


Godden Structural Engineering Slide Library (

University of California collection of 560 engineering slides from around the world. Historic and modern structures: beams, arches, cable and suspension, domes and shells, columns, frames, grids, slabs and ...


Small Library Organizer Pro (

Utility to manage all library collections, manage member/patron information, and keep track of the library circulation ...


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