Maximus Software announces TimeMeter 2.6


Innovative Time and Expenses Tracking Solution for Microsoft Outlook released August 1, 2006.

August 1, 2006 Maximus Software announced version 2.6 of its all-inclusive time and expenses tracking solution allowing Microsoft Outlook users track work time and associated expenses. Maximus Software TimeMeter allows for systematizing current projects, timelines, hourly rates and employees' assignments basing on live time and expenses tracking model that enables automatic calculation of HR costs involved. The application allows generating comprehensive reports on any aspect of personnel management including time budget and financial reports on any current or past project. TimeMeter makes calculating expenses and fees easy both for the employer and the employees working on pay-per-time basis.

TimeMeter is intended for a broad range of freelance workers, hired staff and HR managers who need accurate time, work efficiency and expenses tracking in real time within the commonly used Microsoft Outlook environment. The application allows creating a project, assigning employees to various activities required to complete it, setting hourly rates and even specifying time overdue multiplier. With all the required information entered and application configured, it takes only a couple of clicks to start tracking work time and calculating expenses. At any time, project manager or the employee working on pay-per-time basis can generate a variety of comprehensive reports on any aspect of the current job. Corporate TimeMeter users report 15 to 30 per cent decrease of operational costs on HR management, while freelance specialists report even higher time and money economy due to automation of fee calculation process.

"As we have studied the existing time and expenses tracking solutions we found almost no software offers live time tracking end expenses calculation integrated with ever popular Microsoft Outlook environment," - said Denis Sergeev, the CEO of Maximus Software. "When developing TimeMeter, we strived to bring the latest technologies together to form up a complete time and expenses tracking solution that is both powerful and easy to use as any other part of Microsoft Outlook!"

According to Mr. Sergeev, "Maximus Software did its very best to come up with software package that has all it takes to manage human resources, timelines, projects and associated costs effectively!"

About Maximus Software
Founded in 2002, Maximus Software specializes in developing complete time tracking and time management software solutions for small to medium businesses. The Company co-operates with industry leaders to keep bringing the latest available technologies to its customers. Maximus Software manifests its goal as "utilizing the most effective solutions and technologies for the good of customers without charging extra money!"

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