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LanTopolog 2

This is helpful for discovering networks easily, can be used to detect problem if any PC is down/disconnected.

ANbxm    2015-05-04 22:33:31

Email Privacy

Every commuunication through email should be secured using some kind of encryptiong so no one in the middle may able to read that, Email Privacy secures my private emails, I have been using it for many years and I must say you guys it is defenitly worth downloading.

Fedrik    2015-04-29 22:31:07


SmartPcFixer have done a wonder to my windows system which became very slow for unknown bugs. It has been rectified successfully and now the PC is performing very fast.

Roch    2015-04-25 23:21:23

Office Instant Messenger: CD Messenger

Very good communication solution for keeping in touch with fellow collegues.

Anthony    2015-04-20 23:32:40

Archibald's Free Puzzle

Love putting puzzles together and I like the difficulty levels. The whole family loves working on the puzzles together. This is so much fun.

Ivonne    2015-04-19 20:03:45

Commentary on Revelation by EW Bullinger

It was very good and very useful to all readers and anyone that need references for any topic.

Lardenia P. Cmpbell    2015-04-17 12:46:36

Hourly Analysis Program

I would first prefer to try it for free to see whether it works for commercial load calculations.

JPW    2015-04-14 16:43:13

Mac PowerSuite

My Macbook was very slow, full of junks, the serving guy asked me for $100 to fix it, then I thought of looking it on the net if I could find something to fix it myself. I am so lucky I am docked in here and found Mac PowerSuite which is amazingly fast to clean up my Macbook and make it completely free of junks. It works like new now!

Amanda    2015-04-12 23:43:04

WJ III Compuscore and Profiles Program

Good software, easy to read and to interpret. Provides percentile, RPI, confidence intervals & CALP levels.

Irma Pedraza    2015-04-09 18:59:38

AnVir Task Manager

It shows the system information in details so users may take necessary steps to keep performance level high. No other third party software required to monitor system performance.

Melinda    2015-04-04 23:25:29

WhatsApp Pocket

I needed this software to recover my chat history, it was really very important for me to view the messeges which were deleted. WhatsApp Pocket did an excellent job for me, made me out of fear.

Ron    2015-04-03 23:22:15

OpenCube XFReader

An excellent solution for viewing MXF files, and its very fast too.

Nitin    2015-03-26 08:10:30


We have been using the program for years and love it! There are many reports that are very useful, client cards on file, and the appointment book. The price is worth it ! No monthly fees and there is support that you can buy for the year, again worth it. Never really use the support, but when I have they are right on the ball and get back to you ASAP. I carry it, because you never know what could happen. It is very user friendly, dare I say dummy proof! It's a good program. At the moment they do not offer online booking, but I think it's in the works. Not sure if I would use it or not, but thats just me. Plus the email marketing saves me a tons in postage. There is much more that I could write, but you should at least try the demo and see for yourself!

JD's Hair Salon    2015-03-25 18:35:10


Best software for files manage and to get rid of unnecessary files. Plus, quite good anti theft feature and easy-to-use safe browsing.

Alice    2015-03-24 07:50:07


Perfect software for keeping notes on new ideas and visualisation. Also let users exchange the views on their plans.

Yadav    2015-03-22 20:28:03
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