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OpenCube XFReader

An excellent solution for viewing MXF files, and its very fast too.

Nitin    2015-03-26 08:10:30


We have been using the program for years and love it! There are many reports that are very useful, client cards on file, and the appointment book. The price is worth it ! No monthly fees and there is support that you can buy for the year, again worth it. Never really use the support, but when I have they are right on the ball and get back to you ASAP. I carry it, because you never know what could happen. It is very user friendly, dare I say dummy proof! It's a good program. At the moment they do not offer online booking, but I think it's in the works. Not sure if I would use it or not, but thats just me. Plus the email marketing saves me a tons in postage. There is much more that I could write, but you should at least try the demo and see for yourself!

JD's Hair Salon    2015-03-25 18:35:10


Best software for files manage and to get rid of unnecessary files. Plus, quite good anti theft feature and easy-to-use safe browsing.

Alice    2015-03-24 07:50:07


Perfect software for keeping notes on new ideas and visualisation. Also let users exchange the views on their plans.

Yadav    2015-03-22 20:28:03


Good software, using for about 3 years I still can't find cons, except pop up ads

Max    2015-03-20 05:34:33


Best solution for controling over modules which are being developed by different coders even if it is in different platform.

Nitin    2015-03-17 22:47:06


Useful program for placing all the frequently used and favorite programs in one place, it takes very small memory, so not much impact on system speed.

Judy    2015-03-14 20:30:55


Helping me to learn typing without looking at the keypad, it contains the layouts of different brand keyboards which suits the users to find their own in thier possesion and press keys accordingly.

Chery    2015-03-11 23:02:06

Movavi Photo Editor

I change my family picture using this tool, it is really a fun to do this, the images of my kids look more beautiful. No difficulties in using it.

Jay    2015-03-07 21:00:21

Home Inventory Plus

It keeps records of every appliance and electronics I buy, helpful for finding the expiry of warranty periods.

Joshwa    2015-03-04 22:11:18

DWG to DXF Converter -

I am trying this program and so far works great, I have converted any release of autocad the one I am currently working on.

Samuel Ayala    2015-03-01 22:24:10


This is a budgent accounting software which is able to handle small enterprises and help them to grow.

Imelda    2015-02-27 18:26:32


Able to recover everything from hard disk, I was struggling with some of files which were accidently deleted, now I have those back, I am very happy.

Tim    2015-02-25 19:24:23

HTML Compiler

The complier is good creating standard executable file from HTML, also allows me password protect my files, assign some rights to the users etc.

Anthony    2015-02-23 19:43:01


Helps me to code without much labor, it saves time by auto formatting, easy to search any line and syntex in just second.

Terry    2015-02-21 18:21:48
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