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Superb DJ software for creating awesome music which are liked by many audiences.

Marnisha    2015-11-28 07:48:29

BCWipe Total WipeOut

Erases all traces of any data saved in the hard drive permanantly, I suggest all to use it before disposing or replacing old hard drives no secure sensitive information.

Shmulik    2015-11-21 10:08:11

Nevron Draw

Nevron helps me to draw the diagrams for preparing proposal of setting new network accurately. I can add effects like a professional photo editor does, I also like the easy to use templates.

Paulin    2015-11-16 07:52:05

MyBrushes Paint for Mac

I love using MyBrushes Paint in my Mac, specillay it supports unlimited number of layers for editing, an excellent alternative of standard paint tool that comes with every apple.

H. Berry    2015-11-11 07:27:03

TimeGuard Network

TimeGuard helps generate bills for my clients considering the time spent on tasks and the labor cost.

Alfred    2015-11-08 07:36:27


It keeps record of my income and expenses, I can easily plan according to my budget, cut my cost easily.

Jaqulin    2015-11-02 07:37:16


I work on computer for a long perirod, my doctor suggested me to take a short after a certain period to stretch my back, but ofter I used to forget. WalkAway reminds me to do that now. I am happy to find such software.

Nutt. J. Sam    2015-10-28 07:22:37

Nero CoverDesigner

For designing CD / DVD covers Nero is the best of all, it is being used by millions users worldwide for its simplicity and flexible options.

Russel    2015-10-25 08:00:18

Coolmuster Android SMS+Contacts Recovery

On my Windows 7 PC, I used this tool to recover my lost contacts from my LG phone yesterday. I thought it would be more difficult, but it's really so easy. So happy with it.

funnytime    2015-10-16 05:38:43


Q4Search is a helpful search tool to get the right content from the desired directory in less time.

Maximilian    2015-10-11 08:11:43

Print Conductor

No need ot open every individual file to get them printed, Print Conductor will do it for you, just select the list of files which all you want to print, the software will check the printer and take care of the rest to printing them on. Support most of commonly used file type.

Kasin    2015-10-07 08:28:50

SuperEasy Backup Pro

Backs up your doucments and contacts easily, convenient than other similar products.

Katarzyna    2015-10-04 08:44:44

Lookeen Free Desktop Search

Great tool which can handle tons of files without any problems. Its fast in indexing. I like the search as you type function very much

izzey    2015-09-29 05:16:30

WinGuard Pro

Use this and secure your windows from unwanted changes or installation of new programs without your consent.

Richard    2015-09-22 08:47:25

Abettor Clipboard

This advanced screen capturing tool can capture anything you see on the computer screen, including the entire desktop, windows, menus, cursors, and even video with sound. It is an amazing tool.

Florian    2015-09-17 21:55:49
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