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Web developers get huge help from this tool to make documents of over 200 formats viewable in their web, a document processor is integrated with this tool.

Shoshi    2016-08-29 09:38:41

WorkTime Professional

The software is helpful for me to prepare bill for the client by whom I am hired and promised to be paid on hourly basis.

Newton    2016-08-24 09:04:42

The DataSurgeon

Can be used on any size database to find and replace in batch mode to ease the task of data manipulation.

Rafi    2016-08-20 09:18:27

StartEd Pro

Computers get slower for the unwanted programs those take places in the startup which are hard to detect and remove but using StartEd you can easily check which are consuming most of the spaces in your memory and engaging the processor's energy so that you can take necessary action against those.

Fredrick    2016-08-16 09:26:50


Nice and clear interface. Helpfile in the form of online videos is neat and handy. Learning curve is not too steep. Lots of functionality. You can change and arrange the menu to your own liking. Just what I needed to organize my photos and documents.

Alex Francis    2016-08-13 20:48:25

Commander One

Mac users are missing many files from viewing which they can see using Commander One, download it for taking full control on your files.

Michel    2016-08-10 09:06:00

Fonts Manager

Keeps a catalog of all the necessary fonts and you can use then whenever you want in a single click

Ben Jonshon    2016-08-08 09:38:25

Smart Zipper Pro

Archiving software that compresses files at least thirty percent in Mac, can create & uncompress in popular archiving file formats

Milesovich    2016-08-04 09:32:06


iCash keeps record of my income and where it goes, earlier I could never figure out how my money is spent, but now it shows me in just a click. I am recovering from the credit with its help.

Jina Mathew    2016-07-30 09:29:14


Taking screen shot while playing games or watching movies is so easy using SHU. It will save the image in the cloud and can be downloaded for editing whenever is necessary.

Rachel    2016-07-25 09:27:45

ZOLA Repackage And Deployment

I use ZOLA Repackager and deployment utility to distribute my projects and install / uninstall remotely. The tool is capable to process any size project.

Thomson    2016-07-19 09:56:32

SocketTools File Transfer

My application need to have file uploader, I searched for some codes online and found this, tried this in my application, felt this very useful.

Ritick    2016-07-14 07:29:11

Vallum Halo Manager

I can easily customize the software according to my needs to monitor the network and manage it by performing the necessary tasks.

Benson    2016-07-10 09:42:21


Gettting back the data from any size database without any prior experience is real easy when you have 'Aditway', its very simple and runs the queries very fast and retrieves the data for you.

Shima Paul    2016-07-03 22:07:33


While working on computer sometimes I use it to have some fun and release pressure. It makes amazing drum beats if I move the mouse or use the key combination.

Rotherdum    2016-06-29 19:59:41
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