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The Creator for Mac

I have to make logos for web templates and tried so many software to easily accomplish my task but my experience after using 'The Creator' is just awesome, never thought a software can create a logo so easily.

Dagwood    2016-10-20 08:27:57

My Data Keeper

Handy password manager, different types of data - that's good! Enjoyed the first version, it is now moved to the second version.

Mark Villson    2016-10-16 11:36:38

Briar Navigator

The software will let you draw the graph of current trend and forecast next couple days based on the data that you input.

Zerin    2016-10-13 09:22:42


New experience about any web browser after using it for the first time, you can get so many tools in a single software, that is why they regarded it as 'internet suite'. Perfect naming for the exact software.

Jelly Fish    2016-10-05 09:35:54

FFT Properties

For analyzing and recording any frequency this tool is awesome. Modulation, demodulation is also possible in easy clicks.

Stiffen D. Nero    2016-10-03 09:24:02

PROG08SZ Flash Programmer

Can create flash file from any object and upload this to the desired host from this single piece of software.

cabin    2016-09-30 20:27:15

Report Fabricator

Supports most type database to use as source for creating good looking reports which can also include the tables and charts too.

Gregory    2016-09-28 07:03:26

PeaZip Portable

No need to install which may change your system files. It can be easily carry in the memory stick and use it anywhere to compress and de-compress files without being worried about whether you are permitted to install new software in other's computer.

Meena    2016-09-26 09:14:54

Slider Maker

You can create your own image gallery online using Slider Maker in your server, this will show all your uploaded photo in slides.

WebGeek    2016-09-19 08:50:26

TwinLook Portable

Helpful for displaying anything on a secondary monitor while I am on a conference presenting something to the audiences.

Macomb    2016-09-15 09:42:37

TinyBooks Pro

Simple accounting solution for Mac which full fills the need of a book keeping in a small to medium size organization and that also very affordable price.

McGraw    2016-09-10 10:26:43

Comodo Dragon

I am a new user of Comodo Dragon. felt it is very fast, secured and able to protect your online privacy. Built in malware protector scans the every webpage before loading it.

Nikhil    2016-09-06 09:25:12


Helps to create the chart analyzing the data from various sources to see and take the right decision where to invest.

Himel    2016-09-03 09:05:20


Web developers get huge help from this tool to make documents of over 200 formats viewable in their web, a document processor is integrated with this tool.

Shoshi    2016-08-29 09:38:41

WorkTime Professional

The software is helpful for me to prepare bill for the client by whom I am hired and promised to be paid on hourly basis.

Newton    2016-08-24 09:04:42
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