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HomeWeb Starter Kit

The software enables users to control home computer remotely, I personally use it to monitor the activities of my kid. I am a satisfied user of it.

Nitin    2015-01-31 03:31:02

Defender Pro Ultimate

The anti-virus is a very good protection for both online and offline PC users, does exactly what it has to be done for with minimum resources from PC to let it run faster.

David    2015-01-28 03:30:38

WinLock Professional

Good for publicly used computer like cyber cafes to protect users from changing settings or installing unwanted programs. It also allows admin to assign time limit for a user which is really very useful for shared computer labs.

Vibek    2015-01-25 03:31:56

Turbo Copy Pro

It doubles up the file and folder copy speed in no time. Also shows the space remaining while copying.

Deborah    2015-01-22 03:47:30

Kamban Software

Kamban software is very simple and easy to be used by teachers and puppils in schools.

.KRISHNAN MARIMUTHU    2015-01-18 01:39:36

AggreGate Device Manager for Windows

Effective solution for detecting faults in devices connected to a large enterprise network.

Rakesh    2015-01-17 03:52:59


NetCrunch helps me to control bandwidth of each device connected with the network. I like it very much. Its a essential tool for me.

Ricki    2015-01-11 03:32:22

TimeTracker 2014 Professional Edition

For reducing project cost by time management of each task and personal this application is a great help for managers. Each module is developed very intelligently keeping the need of a project manager in the mind.

Hari    2015-01-08 03:40:58

Pipeliner CRM

It helped to boost my business by enabling me to handle sales department very easily. Unlike other CRM software I have gone through this one is very simple and easy to learn, requires only minimum knowledge.

Jack    2015-01-05 03:23:47


By using this software we have solved projects and made accuracy in our system.

Fahad    2014-12-28 14:52:45

Tor Browser

It secures my privacy online when I perform transaction online, my actual IP is never been revealed, so do my locations. Tor is the ultimate solution for online browsing by keeping its users anonymous.

Edward    2014-12-28 03:15:26

Santa's Village

My children and me love to play this game in this Christmas. Thanks for sharing this here with us.

Edie    2014-12-24 03:15:38

Dennisse Portfolio Manager

Helping me to manage my portfolio, easy to use interface and I can monitor the current trend in chartview.

Icnoyotl    2014-12-21 03:03:19

Classoft Sheduling Manager Lite

Great software! All in one interface, very easy to use, also extra configurable.

Michael    2014-12-14 13:22:56


I create graphs with the help of this tool, I think its awesome if you compare with other graphing software. Its relatively small in size and it has got easy to understand interface.

Ryan    2014-12-14 03:10:07
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