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Automates my tasks, reduces my stress by fifty percent, it can schedule anything you want to execute itself.

Radhika    2015-08-31 09:00:01

7-Data Partition Recovery

Can recover data from formatted partions successfully, 7-Data Partition Recovery is the best of all that I have used and its compitble with most of the hard disk brands.

Kerji    2015-08-27 08:23:17

AKick Image Editor

I am amazed when I used akick image editor for the first time, I have designed my imagination in a easy way with its image editor tools. Really Thankful.

Angela    2015-08-23 05:16:33

Sevnsoft WebPatrol

This is very important for keeping my children away from harmful websites while they are on internet. I can block anything and allow only some child friendly sites on my PC which they may visit. It brings me peace in my mind.

Liana    2015-08-20 08:42:05

Smart Defrag

Smart Defrag keeps hard disk drives running like new, ensures maximum space usage, access data in a very high speed.

Fredek    2015-08-16 22:30:03


The script is helpful for automating the Windows programs and services to run in desired manner. It can acomplish a wide variety of taks in a Windows PC upon the user preferance.

Erik    2015-08-05 23:44:10

Wise Unformat Disk

I had formatted my hard dirk last week with some very important files on it, I searched on the internet and directed here, it successfully unformatted my disk and I got back my files. Its really amazing.

Mehrin    2015-08-02 23:37:42

AKick Watermark Creator

Akick watermark creator is essential tool that fit into my all requirement to create unique text, logo. Wonderful Software!

Brooke    2015-07-28 08:13:24

PDF-XChange Editor

Fantastic software! The best I have ever used for pdfs. Love trcker-software to provide me so many great products!

Amy    2015-07-23 13:44:44

One Save

The cloud solution is very easy to use, automatically moves my files to the storage with proper encryption.

Nitesh    2015-07-21 23:00:43


This software helps to setup a virtual customer support center very easity, the customers can be on touch regularly with this program

Sam    2015-07-19 22:38:39

AKick PC Booster

Light weight to use in any PC, it works really great. I am going to purchase this booster software.

Lovekesh Sachdeva    2015-07-13 08:44:02


Thanks for sharing OptiBridge, I have been looking for this very long time. I think it will help me in my job.

Dzung    2015-07-07 20:26:11

Fancy elements Mac

I am able to create amazing buttons, banners and other graphical elements for web pages with the help of this simple software, no priior experience necessary, I really had hard time in Photoshop to create those, I never thought there could be such easy solution.

Saundra    2015-07-05 13:08:51

Sports and Fitness Manager

Very good software for planning classes and events. Gym instructors and fitness centers may get huge benefit from it.

Samuel    2015-07-03 23:50:35
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