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Synchonizes all the data in my MAC with other devies even the android which is really imaging. SyncMate helps me to backup all my contacts, texts and other personal information

Eugen    2016-02-09 07:36:24


Repairing bad sector in the hard drive is nightmare, DRevitalize is really a very effective tool to repair any hard drive and disc with several bad sectors.

Satish    2016-02-06 07:51:30

StaffCop Home Edition

Excellent software, one of the best for their money. Fits good for parental control.

Mike    2016-02-01 14:38:01


I have been using DriveTheLife for months, it can optimize your PC by updating the drivers and doing the necessary changes to keep it faster. I am happy and trust this software for its being reliable and trustworthy.

Jordan Bowman    2016-01-29 07:40:08

Sound Normalizer

All of your favorite music files can be cut down by file sizes so that all of them could be easily accomodate in a memory card to make you able carry where ever you go to enjoy the songs. But quality is never compromised even after reducing the file size, thats the reason I liked is very much.

Fredrik    2016-01-25 07:32:38

WinZip Mac Edition

I was fond of WinZip as compression tools while I was using windows PC, now I am going to use it in my Mac, I never thought it has a mac version.

Krystyn    2016-01-17 08:10:45

Vega: CashFlow Demo

Effective financial software to control the whole business, covers all the sections, easy to input data, no need to train up any of my employee.

Silvestr    2016-01-14 08:02:50

Scenic Framer

All the pictures of mine now look more beautiful and easily accessible right from the desktop.

Nastasya    2016-01-09 09:25:36

PTC Mathcad Express

As an engeering student I feel PTC Mathcad Express is useful for solving advanced engeering problems with the help of its huge functions.

Redcliff    2016-01-03 07:37:35

Total Network Monitor

No other software is so useful than this to monitor entire LAN without worrying about any failure in any of the connected PC as the software automatically alerts you when such thing happens.

Fredrick    2015-12-27 07:21:47


This is really good as an alternative of standard compress utilities, it takes little space after installation, works real fast, can compress large volume of data in a very less time.

Akhshay    2015-12-19 07:44:11


Defenitly will help you to improve your typing speed with 100% accuracy, in built lesson plans for new learners are there to help them learn typing in a very short time. There are also some video tutorials to teach yourself for the first time to know the keyboard so that you can place your fingers on the exact keys.

Tabitha    2015-12-14 07:37:19

Just Billing

Small cafe owners will get benefit from it for taking orders, print invoices, and generate sales report. Can send the bills throgh automated SMS. Keeps track of the procurements.

Redflick    2015-12-06 07:53:13


Superb DJ software for creating awesome music which are liked by many audiences.

Marnisha    2015-11-28 07:48:29

BCWipe Total WipeOut

Erases all traces of any data saved in the hard drive permanantly, I suggest all to use it before disposing or replacing old hard drives no secure sensitive information.

Shmulik    2015-11-21 10:08:11
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