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Netronome Flow Processing Solutions Featured In Sessions On Software Defined Networking and Wireless Application At Advanced/Micro TCA Summit 2012


SANTA CLARA, Calif. ---- Netronome, the leading developer of flow processors, today announced that the company’s flow processing solutions for software defined networking and wireless infrastructure will be featured in two sessions at the Advanced/Micro TCA Summit today, Sept. 18. Both sessions will illustrate how processors optimized for network, flow and security workloads are essential to meet the complex requirements of the two fastest-growing and most-demanding networking applications.


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StackStorm Launches Open Source Software to Improve Operations Automation


PARIS-OpenStack Summit 2014, booth E2--StackStorm, a software company leading the third wave of operations automation, today announced the release of StackStorm 0.5, open source software for operations automation. Available in private beta since spring 2014, the open source software is now accessible for technology companies and enterprises to manage the integration and automation of their environments, such as tying together continuous integration (CI), continuous deployments (CD), ongoing troubleshooting ......

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