Paul Jones

ZIP Code:

Web Librarian 4.080930

Web Based application to manage library materials and material borrowers.

Web KeePass Password Safe 3.110907

Web AND Mobile (Apple iPhone) based, multi user, java port of the KeePass project. A free, easy to use password manager which helps you to manage your passwords in a secure way. Focused on deep encryption and ease of use.

Serial Test 1.0

This remarkably boring application will simply send byte based data down a serial communication port. It gives you a number of basic options that you can set to configure your serial port and also allows you to specify data to be sent. You have 3 ...

jOpenIT 3.081231

A Java / Swing Port of the OpenIT Project -- "An Inventory, HelpDesk, Support, Issue Tracking, and Knowledge Base web application.

Web Time Entry 6.090714

Web Time Entry is a Web based project time entry and client billing system.

jRivet 4.080105

Tired of endless lists of convoluted Java Frameworks?