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City: Cockermouth
ZIP Code: CA13 0WW

Tech-Pro WinTouch 1.0

Tech-Pro WinTouch enables you to change the date/time stamp of a file or set of files using drag and drop.Tech-Pro WinTouch requires the Tech-Pro Utilities Startup package to be installed. Tech-Pro Utilities are donationware - if you like them, ...

Zune Explorer Enabler 1.2

Zune Explorer Enabler 1.2

Zune Explorer Enabler is a great program that will change Windows your registry for you, and allow you to undo them equally easily, making enabling Explorer access to your Zune hard drive a risk-free process.
To enable Explorer access to ...

Tech-Pro CodeSign 1.0

Tech-Pro CodeSign 1.0

Code signing just got easier! Tech-Pro CodeSign is a graphical shell for the Microsoft command line code signing tools. Using it, software developers can download and install code signing tools, create and import certificates, and sign ...

Windows XP Update Remover 1.0

Windows XP Update Remover provides a quick and easy way to delete the backup files left behind after every Windows update and reclaim valuable disk space. It can also remove Windows updates that appear to be causing trouble.

Whenever ...

Tech-Pro World Clock 2.1

If you need to keep track of the time in different parts of the world, or want to find the international dialing code for another country, you need Tech-Pro World Clock 2. It's a Windows desktop accessory that shows the current date and time in ...