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Mediation for Dummies - Concept, Process & Uses


Mediation is a process through which two or more parties come to an agreeable resolution via a third person’s help. If you’re new to this term and don’t know how to go about it this article will help you figure out.

In this article first we will talk about mediation and its features, then we will describe why choose mediation over any other arbitration processes; next we will talk about the role of the mediator; then we will etch out the process by following which you can successfully go through me......

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10 Web Design Trends for 2016


The designers know what is trending nowadays and what is not, and they are able to meet the expectations and deliver the ideas as per the customers’ requirements. We use various platforms to access a particular website and we want the website to look as attractive and beautiful on every platform. Providing such design is a challenge which has been accepted by these designers.
Web Design Trends
Trend #1: Flat Design 2.0
Trend #2: Color contrast is the new black!
Trend #3: Tell your story with a Video......

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