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AltDesk Portable 1.8

Modern computers' power is enough to let you run numerous applications at the same time. You can surf the Internet, listen to the music and chat with your friends at the same time, but the more tasks you launch, the harder it gets to manage them. ...

Aston2 1.6.1

Gladiators Software announces the release of most awaited Aston2 product - Aston2 shell, software that replaces the standard Windows desktop and makes it more usable, beautiful and customizable. Many Windows users find the standard desktop too ...

Star Blaze 2 1.0

Star Blaze 2 1.0

A classical "shoot 'em up" style arcade game packed with astonishing graphics, breath taking action and incredibly smooth gameplay. Pick up numerous power-ups, tune up your engine, upgrade firepower and blast your way trough 30 ...

Aston Menu 2.0.4

Aston Menu is Windows start menu replacement with the enhanced functionality.

Try Aston Menu today because:

- It is fully skinable
- It increases productivity
- It is safe and easy to use (and safe to ...

Aston2 Secure Desktop 2.0.0

To make use of Aston2 secure features you should have the special Aston2 Secure Desktop version installed. Aston2 Secure Desktop is a security build of Aston2 branch. It fully supports the features of the newest versions of regular Aston2 shell ...