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OstroSoft SMTP Component 1.0

.NET assembly for sending emails programmatically using C#, VB.NET, ASP.NET, VB, JavaScript, SQL and other .NET or COM-compliant programming and scripting languages and environments. Supports multiple recipients, email (MIME) attachments, AUTH ...

OstroSoft Winsock Component 2.2

COM library for Visual Basic 6, providing an easy access to the network layer of operating system (UDP and TCP sockets). OSWINSCK.dll serves as a wrapper for Winsock API and helps programmers to abstract from complexity of API calls and ...

OstroSoft Internet Tools 6.2

Award-winning integrated set of network (Internet) utilities.
Contains scan wizard, port and domain scanners, connection, host, service mail and html watchers,
ping, traceroute, netstat, ns lookup, ftp, whois, ph, finger and many ...

OstroSoft ICMP Component 1.0

COM library for Visual Basic 6, allowing to create custom ping and traceroute implementations.

FormoEd 2.0

Simplifies and speeds up the process of filling out the forms, containing repetitive elements. Allows to fill out the entire form with few mouse clicks. Supports practically any type of electronic forms, including browsers, email clients and ...

OstroSoft POP3 Component 2.0

COM library for Visual Basic 6, providing functionality to retrieve emails from mailserver (POP3).