A J Tooth

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Polar Curves 1.1

Includes 9 pre-set curves in Polar form, such as the Lemniscate of Bernoulli.

3D Curves 6.1

Draws curves of the form y = F ( x , z ) in 3-D. y is "up" the screen, x is across the screen, and z appears to go "into" the screen.Functions must be entered in ALL UPPER CASE or ALL LOWER CASE. Example z*sin(x) + (1-z)*tan(1/x).You need to play ...

Solariser -

This facility only works on 24-bit colour .BMP files. It emulates the effect of exposing a colour negative to light during the film development process. It can produce attractive, psychadelic looking effects.It works essentially by reversing all ...

Fractal Land Rev 1.0

Press space-bar to halt the program, then -s- to exit completely.This first program attempts to create a passable looking computer generated landscape, using simple mathematical rules. First take a straight line between 2 points A and B, then ...

AJT MidiMod Rev 7.1

MIDI stands for Musical Instrument Digital Interface. Your PC has the facility to play MIDI files ( .mid file extension ) via the Sound Card. The Sound Card has 128 built in MIDI Musical Instrument sounds (although the last 8 are sound effects, ...