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4 Shared Announces The Next Winner Of API Program


Shortly after presenting the first winner in 4shared API Program, the company has announced the name of the next developer, who has succeeded in integration of 4shared API in the app and is going to receive an award of $5,000 in the nearest future.

Namely, the claimed winner of 4shared API Program is Web Factory, the author of QikCam, in which the support of 4shared services has been added.

With the initial application being a user-friendly widget for capturing quick photos and videos directly from t......

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4 Shared Releases 4 Shared Photo For iPhone/iPad


4shared, a famous file-sharing service, has announced the official release of the company’s newly-developed application - 4shared Photo for iPhone/iPad.

4shared Photo for iPhone/iPad allows the users to capture, store, manage and share their photos and photo-albums with others. The app also enables to have the back-up of all users’ photos and photo-albums at their secure 4shared accounts.

Other features of 4shared Photo for iPhone/iPad include:

• Users’ ability to take quick photos on their......

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