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Norbar Highlights Torque For Caravan Safety


Following a product recall by a leading British caravan manufacturer because of a number of reports of detached wheels1, the world leading torque specialist Norbar Torque Tools has emphasised the need to ensure that the correct manufacturer specified level of torque is applied to caravan wheel nuts.

The road safety charity Brake describes loose wheels from vehicles as “bouncing bombs”. “If a wheel becomes detached at speed it can hit an oncoming vehicle or pedestrian with incredible force. It is e......

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Finding A Good Letting Agent


A Letting Agent is a facilitator between landlord and tenant for an agreement to rent property in the United Kingdom. Letting Agents provide their services for a fee in return both the landlord and tenant get a sense of assurance and peace of mind. An agent can provide a hassle free transaction but not all Letting Agents are created equal. For Letting Agents in Kettering stop by Ashan Property for homes in the area and services provided by a professional.

Landlords looking to rent out property rest assur......

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