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Wireless/Mobile Device Developments Discussed In New Research Package Now Available At


LONDON ---- With four times as many mobile devices as there are computers, mobile and wireless applications provide new opportunities to boost profitability. While companies of all sizes have adopted mobile phones as a communications tool, greater investment returns can be achieved by going beyond standard voice and text message usage.

New research package “Wireless/Mobile Devices and Applications: Solutions and Market Opportunities” developed by Mind Commerce Publishing represents a collection of r......

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Chinese Online Payment & E-Commerce Markets Investigated In New Maverick China Research Study Available At


LONDON ---- Notwithstanding the support of thriving new business models such as point of sale payment options and online trade in securities, the Chinese online payment market is confronted with a number of challenges, including the increased regulatory burden imposed on the industry, emerging markets’ expansion and the requirements of profitability. Alipay kept its top position in the marketplace with a market share of close to 48%, with Tenpay and Unionpay Online coming after.

New market research r......

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