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LANDesk Client Manager 6.3

Client Manager can display information about the hardware and software components on your computer. You can access inventory with these methods: View all inventory data, Export all inventory data. This software displays information (if provided) ...

Spy for MegaIDE 7.3

Spy for megaIDE free (RAID Management) Utility developed by Intel Corporation.

Spy for MegaIDE contains the Serial ATA RAID Monitoring utility for Windows. Spy for MegaIDE is a free and easy to install raid management utility ...

SS4200 Utility 1.0

If you copy an Office 2007 document file to a shared folder on the SS4200-E. Then use the web tools (via Internet Explorer) to access the shared folder that contains the Office document file. Clicking the Office document file, will open a dialog ...

Dolby Control Center 2.2

Dolby Control Center 2.2

Dolby Control Center is a user-friendly interface to configure and control enhanced Dolby Listening Experience.


- Interactive surround sound controls make fine tuning easy
- Visually displays the active ...

Intel (R) VTune (TM) Performance Analyzer 9.1

Intel (R) VTune (TM) Performance Analyzer 9.1

The Software (Intel VTune Performance Analyzer 9.0) provides a performance analysis and tuning environment that helps the user analyze the system and software performance. It provides a common user interface for collecting performance data with ...

Video Gross Error Detector 0.3

The Video Gross Error Detection methodology is designed to provide a platform independent, automated way to measure content delivery and quantify the video playback experience.

GED operates directly on the video file itself, ...

Intel Matrix Storage Manager

This driver provides support for high-capacity & fault-tolerant Serial ATA (SATA) RAID 5 arrays and high-performance & fault-tolerant SATA RAID 10 arrays on select Inteldl® 4 Series, 3 Series, 965, 975X, 955X and 945 chipset-based platforms. It ...

Intel Chipset Identification Utility 3.23

The Intel Chipset Identification Utility provides an easy way to identify the specific Intel chipset that is located on your motherboard. This information can be used to determine if your system supports the Intel+e® Application ...

Intel Processor Identification Utility 4.31

The Intel Processor Identification Utility was developed by Intel Corporation to identify characteristics of the processor inside a system.

In addition to displaying processor details, this tool provides a frequency test feature to ...

Intel Chipset Software Installation Utility

The Intel Chipset Software Installation Utility will install Windows* INF files to the target OS. These files outline to the operating system how to configure the Intel chipset components in order to ensure that the following features function ...

32-bit Floppy Configuration Utility

"Inteldl® Matrix Storage Manager Floppy Configuration Utility."
The file below contains the Inteldl® Matrix Storage Manager Floppy Configuration Utility. This utility will create a floppy disk containing the RAID driver files for ...