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Country: Russia

Advanced File Worker 2.20 released


Advanced File Worker is a powerful file management, rename and backup utility. You can perform any number of file operations by pressing ONLY ONE button. It makes your work faster and faultless.

Do you remember how to copy (move, rename, delete etc.) files under DOS operating system? A lot of manual job by typing command line text! But how to copy the several files? Typing, typing and typing... Experienced users wrote bat-files for repeated operations. Norton Commander for DOS solved most of these proble......

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Latest Release of Advanced File Worker extends Windows Explorer Functionality


Russian utility software vendor Computer-Expert Group has released an update to its popular Advanced File Worker software. Advanced File Worker 2.30 adds a unique feature to Windows Explorer, providing users with the ability to execute scripts from the Explorer context menu.

Designed to add extended functionality and advanced features to a Windows system, either replacing or enhancing Windows Explorer, Advanced File Worker 2.30 is a powerful file management and backup utility. Combining features from se......

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