Serhiy Perevoznyk

Address: Hoegaarden
City: Hoegaarden
Province: N/A
ZIP Code: 3320
Country: Belgium

Diswy 1.0

Diswy is a small application that can be useful if for whatever purpose you want to hide all the icons on your desktop without having to delete them. Just run Diswy and all icons will disappear from your desktop, run it again and they become ...

Smir 1.0

Smir is a freeware tools for backup and restore Windows desktop icons positions. The application is portable, no setup needed. The information is stored to the text file without accessing the Windows registry. If you switch your monitor ...

Desktop Paparazzo 1.0

DesktopPaparazzo is a tool to help you capture difficult screenshots. Some elements are camera shy. Perhaps you want to capture a hint, popup or menu item but every time you press the print screen button your subject disappears from view. Well ...

Krento 3.0

If you want to bring some order on your Windows desktop, easy find and launch your favorite applications or have an instant access to your favorite websites then Krento is what are you looking for. Krento is a modern desktop organizer which ...

DeskMenu 1.5

DeskMenu 1.5

This utility is a freeware downloadable.This utility appears in your taskbar near the clock and looks like your desktop icon. Click it for quick access to all of your desktop contents via a convenient menu. Easy to use interface. Good for those ...

Belgian Electronic ID Card Library 2.5

EIDNative Library is a freeware SDK for Belgian Electronic ID Card and Belgian SIS card.
EIDNative library is a first freeware solution for working with Belgian EID and SIS cards
The eIDnative Library is a Software Development Kit ...

HelpBuilder for Delphi 2.5

HelpBuilder is a program that you use to create Help (.hlp) files for Delphi components. HelpBuilder scans your source files, creates a database of all objects found, and generates a series of topics for each object. You then edit the Rich text ...

PDF Gallery 1.0

PDF Gallery 1.0

PDF Gallery is a freeware images to PDF converter. PDF Gallery is a very simple to use, but powerful file conversion tool designed to convert the JPEG, PNG and BMP images into PDF files.
Running PDF Gallery does not require any Adobe or ...

Karna .NET Library 1.3

Karna .NET is a C# library for fast developing widgets, docks, screenlets and other types of Internet Desktop Applications, that merges the best qualities and behaviors of the the web and desktop in both end-user experience and in development and ...

Krento 64 bit edition 2.0

Krento is a modern application manager and widget engine for Microsoft Windows. Krento can save your desktop space and assist you in boosting your productivity. With Krento you can launch your programs or open web pages from a circular 3D set of ...

Krento Portable

Krento is an application manager and widget engine for Microsoft Windows.

If you're the really adventurous type, you can start playing around and try to figure out how to use it. Otherwise, consult the Krento user manual to get the ...

Multipad 1.0.6

MULTIPAD is a freeware text editor with a standard user interface.Essentially a multiple document interface (MDI) version of the Microsoft Windows NotePad application,
MULTIPAD lets the user open and edit multiple text files at one time. The ...