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Pronto 4.0

Pronto - a Windows program for maximum load. Easy to use, fast in execution. A program for pizzerias and other delivery service companies with instant delivery service. The handling is very simple: enter the phone number of the customer, ...

Flight Deck 5 for FS2004 5.0

In the tradition of four previous versions, the new Flight Deck 5 keeps the excitement in aircraft carrier operations.The USS Gerald R Ford is your new base where you'll perform launch and recovery until you're blue in the face.Flight ...

Premier Collection Piper Tri-Pacer for FSX 1.0

Premier Collection Piper Tri-Pacer for FSX

Premier and Platinum Collection FSX Update 1.0

Premier and Platinum Collection includes aircrafts designed for a particular version of Microsoft Flight Simulator: FSX, FS2004, FS2, FS2000, CFS2, FS98 or CFS1. Each aircraft is specifically identifed as to which version with which it can be ...

Platinum Collection V-22 Osprey for FSX 1.0

With its unique and distinctive tilt-rotors, the V-22 Osprey is designed as a fast troop transport and field support aircraft with helicopter-like vertical lift but also with ability to operate as an STOL with rolling takeoff and landing. ...

Abacus Chopper Havoc for FS2004 1.0

The sleek and fast fighters often get the glory. But it's the helicopters that are right down in the thick of things in the dangerous and challenging assignments. Choppers have been a very vital part of the military defense.


Premier Collection Eurofighter Typhoon for FSX 1.0

Premier Collection Eurofighter Typhoon for FSX is a plane simulator with this multi-role fighter.With a large payload of air-to-air and air-to-surface weapons, it is a formidable fighter. The Typhoon is a high performance aircraft that can ...

Premier Collection DeHavilland DHC-6 Twin Otter for FSX 1.0

The DeHavilland DHC-6 Twin Otter is a 20 passenger aircraft with STOL capabilities. As a utility aircraft, it has varioiusly served as a small airliner, cargo craft, bush plane and emergency vehicle. In service since 1965, more than 600 were ...

Flight Deck III for FS2004 1.0

Flight Deck III for FS2004 1.0

If you always wanted a taste of flying on a carrier then your desire is brought close to reality with Flight Deck III for FS2004 1.0. You have your chance to fly the high seas and land on the smallest airstrip that keeps moving. What more can you ...

Platinum Collection PBY-5A Catalina for FSX 1.0

This superb PBY-5A Catalina from the Platinum Collection has four colorful liveries and a paint kit for those who want to addtheir favorites. We invite you to take the Catalina out for a free test flight to enjoy the view in this classic aircraft ...

Premier Collection Cessna L-19 for FS2004 1.0

Premier Collection Cessna L-19 for FS2004

Combat Collectors 2nd Edition for FS2004 1.0

Fly 14 Of The Most Famous Aircraft From World War II Era Props To 21st Century Stealth Aircraft

Each warbird flies as close to the real thing as you can get without being at the stick yourself.

Do you have what it takes ...

Abacus International Fighters for FSX 1.0

Eleven mighty fighters from all corners of the world in a single package. Diverse, exciting and spectacular.

Introducing a brand new series for FSX flyers. Download and fly any of our innovative packages complete with new aircraft, ...

FS Whirlybirds for FS2004 1.0

FS Whirlybirds for FS2004 1.0

This is the simulation designed for the people who like to fly the helicopters and love to have a bite of the action. The simulation is designed to take you close to reality of running helicopters for big companies, oil rigs and tourists. In the ...

Abacus UAV Predator for FS2004 1.0

Abacus UAV Predator for FS2004 is a stealth aircraft. This state of the art aircraft is remotely controlled and takes on the multi-role tasks of quiet eavesdropping and reconnaissance. You'll fly the Predator from either the Ground Station ...

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