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CadQView 1.0

CadQView 1.0

CadQView is stand-alone software developed by S & S Computing that allows viewing and printing of individual CAD and Quilt files. It is intended as a useful adjunct to SewIconz.
CadQViewer supports formats like: DXF(autocad), ...

SewClean 1.2.4

User-defined criteria can be set to help remove duplicates or move them to special folders, thus freeing space on your hard drive. SewClean will scan fixed (hard) drives, USB connected drives, CD drives and networked drives. Duplicates can be ...

SewWrite 1.1.5

It uses hand-digitized alphabets based on Windows fonts for greater quality and ships with a wide range of typefaces. New alphabets will be added in the future (some will be cost-free, while others can be ordered for a nominal charge). User ...

CadQViewer 1.0

A free viewer for AutoCADTe and Quilt files.