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CCID Consulting: Cloud Computing Application Market Driven By Small and Medium-Sized Financial Institutions In China


BEIJING ---- With the continuous growth of China’s economy over the recent years, the small- and medium-sized financial institutions have also witnessed rapid development. According to statistics of China Banking Regulatory Commission, the urban commercial banks and rural financial institutions have outplayed the large state-owned commercial banks in terms of total assets growth rate in recent years. By the end of December 2011, the total assets of urban commercial banks registered a year-on-year growth r......

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CCID Consulting: Standards, Guidepost For Healthy and Sustainable Development Of China’s Cloud Computing Industry


BEIJING ---- Standards have increasingly become the core for countries to reserve strategic resources and enhance international competitiveness. "The man who sets up standards gets the world" has been repeatedly demonstrated in the IT field, where giants like Microsoft, Apple and Qualcomm serve as good examples. Cloud computing, conforming to the worldwide demand for integrating computing resources and service capabilities, is the strategic vantage point in the current international IT competition. Therefor......

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