Advanced Time Synchronizer

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License: Shareware $19.95


Release date: 2018-01-01


Language: English,Byelorussian,ChineseSimplified,ChineseTraditional,Czech,Dutch,Polish,Russian,Spanish,Ukrainian

Size: 10631 K

Category: Timers & Time Synch

OS support: Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows8, Windows10, Windows Server 2003, WinOther, WindowsServer2012, Windows XP Tablet PC Edition 2005, Windows Millennium, Windows Vista


             Editor's Review

Advanced Time Synchronizer application links to all of the servers in the record one at a time until either the time is effectively synchronized or else the list has ended. The program can be described as a highly effective plus user-friendly computer time-clock synchronizer dealing with time servers over the web, promoting proxy servers, three types of time synchronization protocols, and offering lots of other beneficial features. Advanced Time Synchronizer can upgrade the machine's time at specific time periods from one hour to 1 month. It tests every time server many times and makes use of timestamp from the quickest sample to synchronizing time clock. This characteristic might be beneficial, since the network setbacks in many cases are higher on the first sample and less on next samples. Which means this allows improving correctness of time synchronization by selecting a timestamp that's obtained with less network setbacks.

In the event you link with the web utilizing a dial-up connection, you have the ability to manage Advanced Time Synchronizer to up-date the time only when a dial-up connection is made. When there is no link, Advanced Time Synchronizer can wait until it's set up and update time following the connection is made. The Synchronizer application can easily synchronize laptop clock together with Internet time servers and performance like a time server for the lan implementing three time synchronization standards for that: Time Protocol, Daytime Protocol and Simple Network Time Protocol (SNTP).

Advanced Time Synchronizer could be released in the command line or perhaps from batch files, it may be introduced to be a Windows NT service and start off working before the customer logs to the system.

If you are using a proxy server, you will be able to set up this Time Synchronizer to deal with a SOCKS4, HTTP, SOCKS4A or SOCKS5 proxy server. To set up this application, you may require a computer functioning under the OS of MS Windows and linked to the World Wide Web.

To set up Advanced Time Synchronizer Support:
1.Sign on to your PC as administrator;
2. Choose the Advanced Time Synchronizer Service Command through the Advanced Time Synchronizer set from the Start menu (or executesvctimesync.exe file through the directory where Advanced Time Synchronizer is set up);
3. Select the Change Options button and ensure that the option Enable time synchronization from non-administrator accounts is allowed;
4. Select for the Installation service option;
While the services are set up, you possibly can sign-in beneath your account and make use of Advanced Time Synchronizer for synchronizing your pc clock.

Advanced Time Synchronizer Key Features
-Maintains your computer clock in synchronization with specific time servers in World-wide-web;
-Supports about three network time synchronization protocols: Time Protocol, Daytime Protocol and Simple Network Time Protocol (SNTP);
-Synchronizing PC clock automatically linking all servers from the list one at a time until either the time is efficiently synchronized or perhaps the list is done;
-Unrestricted volume of servers from the list and the conveniently set up each server from the list;
-Available over system tray;
-Displays balloon application tips whenever time synchronized;
-Maintains statistics ever synchronization attempts carried out;
-Automatically syncs time at beginning or at specific intervals from one hour to one year;
-Simple to manage. Windows 9x/Me/NT/2000/XP/Server 2003/Server 2008/Vista/7 compatible;
-Maintains the pc clocks of your entire network synchronized. The work stations have no need for internet access or other time resources;
-Waits to have an organized dial-up link with synchronizing time;
-Automatically confirms and terminates a dial-up link;
-Supports SOCKS4, SOCKS4A, HTTP and SOCKS5 proxy servers;
-Consists of command line application that may be introduced through the command line or from batch files;
-Consists of a sizable listing of pre-defined time servers;
-Functions to be a time server in the LAN;
-Could be introduced to be a Windows NT service and begin functioning before the consumer logs to the system;
-Determines typical clock drift from time synchronization modifications;
-Full rfc868, rfc2030 and rfc867 compliant;
-Multi-language user interface;
-Optimized for Or windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows 7;
-Free support plus advancements to users.

Advanced Time Synchronizer with Industrial Support
This will be a full-featured program with extra functionalities to assist industrial tools. Many customers were not impressed with insufficient characteristics in NTP capable units and also the need to program every system for correct time synchronization. Therefore, the company re-programmed the regular ATS and also included the economic choice. This new server may be used in regular mode or, industrial mode supplying appropriate time for units with less configuration options (you may try E-Card and RFID readers, PLC and drives, robots, even budget HMIs). ANY NTP competent system will synchronizing effectively with this server (local time, DST and millisecond correctness). Absolutely nothing to do on your part!

The way to synchronize your computer timer having a time server manually
To synchronize your computer time clock by having an Internet time server in hands-on mode, pick a server address in the list in the primary window and thus push the Check button. Whilst Advanced Time Synchronizer is creating a connection to the server, you can observe the position of the connection within the Connection box. Following the connection is made and also the timestamp from the server is obtained, the Connection box will retain the time on the server and also the Difference box will include the distinction between the server time and the time on your computer. You can now press the Adjust button by synchronizing the time on your computer clock having the time on the web time server.

Advanced Time Synchronizer tests every time server works and makes use of timestamp from the speediest sample for synchronizing clock. This attribute might be helpful, since the network delays in many cases are higher on the first sample and much less on next samples. You are able to set volume of samples on the Operation tab within the Options dialog. Set up this valuation to at least one, if you need Advanced Time Synchronizer to test a time server just once.

The way to schedule time synchronization at specific durations
To schedule automated time synchronization at specific durations, open up the Scheduling tab within the Settings dialog and choose the necessary period of time synchronization. You are able to choose among the following durations: every single hour, every Three hours, every Six hours, every 12 hours, 24 hours, every Three days, each week, and each month. Choose not to turn automated time synchronization down.

The way to synchronize your computer clock having a listing of time servers on auto-pilot
For synchronizing your pc clock with Internet time servers through the list on auto-pilot, choose the Synchronizing command from the Actions list. Time Synchronizer program will conveniently attempt to connect with all servers from the list one at a time until either the time is effectively synchronized or even the list is finished. Automated synchronization also be carried out at planned time intervals or with the 'auto' argument from the command line. The schedule selections could be set about the Scheduling tab within the Settings dialog.
The right way to link time synchronization to setting up a dial-up interconnection

Advanced Time Synchronizer program, can begin time synchronization on auto-pilot right now whenever a dial-up interconnection is created. Around the Scheduling tab within the Settings dialog, choose the needed time interval, next choose If computer isn't linked at the moment check box and choose Wait Dial-up joined from the combo box and state what number of seconds following the link is made for Advanced Time Synchronizer to begin automated time synchronization. Click the OK button from then on and Advanced Time Synchronizer will plan each next automated time synchronization based on the specific interval, however when the time of synchronization is due with no dial-up connection is made, Advanced Time Synchronizer will wait for dial-up link will be established and just after that it will begin automated time synchronization.

The right way to begin a dial-up link automatically prior to time synchronization
To create Advanced Time Synchronizer begin a dial-up link automatically ahead of time synchronization, open up the Dial-up tab within the Options dialog and appearance the Auto-dial network link preference, pick a phonebook entry and thus identify the account information for this. If you prefer Advanced Time Synchronizer to stop the established link after it synchronizes time, check the automatically disconnect preference.

Advanced Time Synchronizer will generate a fresh dial-up link only when no dial-up interconnection is made. Apart from this, Advanced Time Synchronizer will stop just the link it has set up.

The right way to change the list of Internet time servers
While Advanced Time Synchronizer conveniently carries out time synchronization, it tries to connect with all servers from the list one at a time until either the time is effectively synchronized or even the list is over. This listing of servers could be custom-made on the Servers tab within the Settings dialog. Their list of servers includes a server address, its time protocol and extra options based on the chosen time protocol.

To include a fresh server into the listing, simply click the Add button. The fresh server dialog will open that you can put the server name, choose its time protocol and state further settings based on the chosen time protocol. You are able to select the Lookup button to pick a server from your pre-programmed list.

To remove a server in the list, choose the server you need to remove and click on the Delete button.

To change a server, choose it and click on the Edit button. You have the ability to modify all server configurations within the popped window.

An order of servers within the list fits using the order by which Advanced Time Synchronizer tries to link with them. You are able to organize their email list by relocating more favored servers to the starting point and less favored ones to the end of the list.

The way to setup a link using a proxy server
At the moment, Advanced Time Synchronizer props up following kinds of proxy servers: SOCKS4, SOCKS4A, HTTP, and SOCKS5.

To alter the configurations of the proxy server, open the Proxy button within the Options dialog and look the Use a proxy server preference, after that choose the kind of the proxy server, key in its address and port number. In case your proxy server demands validation, look into the User authentication for that server preference and enter your account information within the matching input areas.

When utilizing a proxy server, time synchronization through the SNTP protocol and thus TIME and DAYTIME protocols along with UDP network protocol can be carried out only by means of proxy servers holding up the SOCKS5 standard.

The way to run this program to be a Windows NT service
Advanced Time Synchronizer could be set up to be a Windows NT service. To achieve that, simply click Install service button around the Service tab within the Settings dialog. Then select service INI files directory and enable time synchronization from service choice to allow plan to load settings in the described directory and also carry out all functions, which are due in the event of an ordinary launch, for example scheduling automated time synchronization and working being a time server for the local area network.

While Advanced Time Synchronizer is set up to be a service, it begins at the system startup prior to the user logs in to the system. Therefore, Advanced Time Synchronizer starts working even if there isn't any user signed on in to the system. Advanced Time Synchronizer Service can also be managed while using Service applet in the User interface.

The way to manage this program to operate to be a local time server
Advanced Time Synchronizer could work to be a time server for the LAN implementing three time synchronization protocols for YOU: Daytime Protocol, Time Protocol, and Simple Network Time Protocol (SNTP).

To setup this Time Synchronizer application to be a local time server on your pc, open up Local server tab throughout the Settings dialog. There you will be able to personalize local time server choices for every time protocol.

-For TIME protocol: pick Time Protocol from the combo box known as Time server protocol and thus personalize preferences concerning to this protocol.
-For SNTP protocol: choose Simple Network Time Protocol from the combo box known as Time server protocol and thus personalize preferences regarding this protocol.
-For DAYTIME protocol: pick Daytime Protocol from the combo box known as Time server protocol and thus personalize options relating to this protocol. For that DAYTIME protocol, it's also wise to state the syntax of the string that the server sends while requested. Format specs with this string are explained in Daytime protocol timestamp set-up theme.

Whenever you click the OK KEY, the program will begin operating to be a time server on your pc. In the future, for connecting to this server, you need to include the IP or even the name of the system from Local area network, which Advanced Time Synchronizer is functioning to be a server, choose the protocol that you simply described for that server and, if you are using the DAYTIME protocol, the format from the string. You can include a fresh server towards the listing of servers on the Servers tab from the Settings dialog.

Time synchronization
While using World Wide Web, it grew to become easy to synchronizing time that led to the introduction of a number of protocols for time synchronization permitting specific computers to consistently obtain the current time from the computer having a seriously correct clock and modify their local clocks.

The precision of Advanced Time Synchronizer depends upon the precision of the chosen time protocol as well as network delays:
-The most appropriate SNTP protocol is 200-picoseconds genuine and usually takes network delays. The particular precision of the protocol is all about 1/10 of the second, and also the quicker your online connection is the greater is its precision.

-The correctness of the DAYTIME protocol depends upon the syntax of the string time about the server is introduced in. Most servers are 1-second complete, but the protocol standard doesn't outline any particular accuracy, therefore, the sent string can consist of further data to be able to enhance the precision. Computers while using syntax of the string proposed by NIST deliver such information. Such servers possess much better than 1-second correctness.

-The Time protocol is all about 1-second detailed and doesn't supply any possibilities to enhance its precision.

Diverse configurations for various users
Advanced Time Synchronizer is much better for Quick User Switching characteristic of Windows XP. It maintains settings for various users independently. Therefore, various users of 1 computer may modify Advanced Time Synchronizer configurations by their choices and operate Advanced Time Synchronizer even concurrently implementing Fast User Switching.

Local time servers doesn't start (Address has already been being used error)
Address has already been being used error implies that the server has already been commenced by an additional demonstration of Advanced Time Synchronizer or by another program. For instance, in the event you begin Advanced Time Synchronizer as service, after which begin Advanced Time Synchronizer as program, the local time server won't in a position to launch double and also you get Address is definitely being used error, but time servers works and will also be taken care of through the service.

Exactly the same takes place in the event you launch Advanced Time Synchronizer as several users (while Fast User Switching is empowered). The local time servers is going to be commenced and carried out through the initial demonstration of Advanced Time Synchronizer and all sorts of other situations will fast Address has already been in use error.

Publisher's Description

5 Stars Award

Advanced Time Synchronizer is a computer time synchronizer. It works with time servers on the Internet, supports most time synchronization protocols, proxy servers, auto-dialing and more. Advanced Time Synchronizer connects to all the servers in the list sequentially until either the time is successfully adjusted or the list is complete. Advanced Time Synchronizer can synchronize the PC clock at certain periods of time from one second to few months. If you use a proxy server, you can set up Advanced Time Synchronizer to work through a HTTP, SOCKS4, SOCKS4A or SOCKS5 proxy server. Advanced Time Synchronizer adds time protocols support to the computer on which it is running so you can use it as a local time server for your Local Area Network. Advanced Time Synchronizer can be used from the command line or from batch files, and it can be started as a Windows Service. To install Advanced Time Synchronizer, you will need a computer with Microsoft Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7/8 Desktop 32 and 64-bit.

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Advanced Time Synchronizer Free Download - 2000 Shareware periodically updates software information of Advanced Time Synchronizer from the publisher, so some information may be slightly out-of-date. You should confirm all information before relying on it. Software piracy is theft, Using Advanced Time Synchronizer crack, password, registration codes, key generators, serial numbers is illegal.

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Date Released: 01.01.2018

Release Notes: - Minor bug fixes


Date Released: 04.11.2015

Release Notes: - New look and feel - DirectSound support - Minor bug fixes


Date Released: 13.07.2015

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Date Released: 01.02.2013

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Date Released: 03.10.2012

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