StorageCraft ShadowSurfer Releases - Surf the Internet Without a Trace

Draper, Utah - StorageCraft Technology Corporation, an innovative provider of non-intrusive security, data protection, privacy, and disaster prevention solutions for PCs and Servers, announced the immediate availability of ShadowSurfer.

With ShadowSurfer, surf the internet without a trace of any malicious or unwanted PC changes such as spyware, viruses and worms, cookies, internet history, cyberjunk, and malware are discarded. Start a ShadowMode session and install trial software, shareware or games, then discard them when you end the session.

While surfing the internet, users often have software installed without their knowledge that tracks where they have been, what they have downloaded, and personal data such as banking information, as well as software that spawns pop up messages and ads. With ShadowSurfer, these unwanted spyware are never written to your PC.
• Kid-proof your PC or laptop by running in ShadowMode.
• Surf the internet and avoid spyware, viruses and worms, cookies, internet history, temporary files and adware.
• Install trial software or games to use and evaluate knowing they will be fully deleted at the end of the session
• Surf what you want, when you want without the fear of bogging down your PC or laptop with unwanted cyberjunk.
• Surf the internet without having to clean up your tracks after the fact.
• Instantly undo accidental or malicious changes.

ShadowSurfer employs ShadowMode technology to ensure minimal impact to the current configuration of your PC. ShadowMode technology captures a snapshot of your system volume(s) and runs an exact duplicate of your PC in a virtual state.

This virtual state, called ShadowMode, allows the user to use the PC as normal, but without actually writing to disk. With a simple reboot, the PC or laptop is back to its pre-internet surfing state. All the spyware, viruses or worms, or tracking malware are eliminated.

There are many solutions on the market today that are trying to solve problems with malicious or unwanted PC changes. In many instances, the product that is supposed to be solving these problems is intrusive, requires significant system resources, and is compounding the problems.

ShadowSurfer does not require the user to scour the hard drive to figure out what needs to be un-installed, or use other software that cleans up the tracks after the fact. With ShadowSurfer, there are no internet tracks to clean up, no spyware to scan and uninstall.Our unique approach provides "Disaster Prevention," eliminating security, data protection, and disaster recovery problems before they occur. Why recover from a PC disaster when you can prevent it?

If you would like to try ShadowSurfer, you can download a full-featured 15-day evaluation copy at the StorageCraft website For a more advanced way to use ShadowMode technology, upgrade to ShadowUser Pro today! Volume pricing and licensing is available.

About StorageCraft Technology Corporation
StorageCraft Technology Corporation is an innovative provider of non-intrusive security, data protection, privacy, and disaster prevention solutions for PC and servers. Our unique approach prevents these problems. To learn more about StorageCraft and ShadowSurfer visit the StorageCraft website or call 888.209.4488.

StorageCraft's corporate headquarters is located at:
180 West Election Road, Suite 230
Draper, Utah 84020

StorageCraft, ShadowUser, and ShadowMode are trademarks of StorageCraft Technology Corp. Other company names or products are or may be trademarks of their respective owners. © 2006 StorageCraft, Technology Corp. All rights reserved.

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