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Paul Dembowski, Director Marketing
Liberty Street Software


ETOBICOKE, ONTARIO. - August 5, 2006 - Liberty Street Software has released HomeManage 2006. HomeManage is a Windows-based home inventory software product that can be used to maintain a complete inventory of the assets that are found in someone's home or small business. The latest edition of the software includes estate planning, enhanced reporting, automated program updates & data backup. A home inventory is important for many reasons but is especially important in times of crisis such as death or natural disaster. HomeManage is an easy to use program that enables individuals and small-business owners to track their valuables, equipment, tools, collectables and other assets.

"Recent tragic events have illustrated the importance of maintaining an inventory of your possessions," says Paul Dembowski, Director of Marketing for Liberty Street Software. "We have designed HomeManage to enable anybody to quickly inventory and document the contents of their home or small business." In the event of a disaster, insurance claims will be expedited if there is a complete listing of the items that were destroyed or damaged. HomeManage users will always have a complete record of what they own.

The latest edition of HomeManage includes a completely revised inventory system that allows users to add unlimited entries, categories and locations to document their possessions. Users can quickly add items to their inventory so they can easily track all their items and track their net worth. This information is particularly important when dealing with a move, inheritance or damage to property in the event of a disaster. The application also allows the customer to track leases and warranties as well as repairs. This is a great tool for budgeting and new purchase considerations.

The new estate planning feature enables the user to keep track of beneficiaries and clearly outline the desires of the property owner. This useful feature will help prevent conflict in a difficult time. The convenient backup and automatic update capabilities will ensure that users have the most up to date features that are available. HomeManage backups should be kept in a secure place such as a safe deposit box or other secure location. This will ensure the complete list of assets is available when needed.

HomeManage ships with dozens of pre formatted reporting templates that will allow the customer to print reports as well as labels in many formats including Excel, PDF, HTML, and text. The home owner can use the pre formatted reports or create custom reports for insurance, budgeting, estate planning and financial reporting purposes. Bar codes can even be printed directly from the reporting mechanism to track a person's assets.

HomeManage software can be purchased and downloaded directly from the Liberty Street Software at .

About Liberty Street Software:
Since 1997, Liberty Street Software has been developing and marketing inventory and fixed asset tracking software. In addition to HomeManage, the company also offers AssetManage, a Windows application with advanced Depreciation, Asset auditing & other asset tracking features that helps companies track their fixed assets

HomeManage 2006 costs $34.95.

For more information & to download the evaluation copy, visit our Web site at:

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