1 Click Boost : Optimize your Internet and System Performance

The world famous 1 Click Technology is being brought to your desktop once again. Get it now!
New York, NY, 09.05.2006, Secure PC Solutions today announced the release of 1 Click Boost v2.4. This new version covers a considerable number of bug fixed and general feature improvements that assure compatibility with most connections, preferences and customer demands.
1 Click Boost v2.4 is considered ready to tweak and improve any kind of network connection, being also able to optimize ram and processor performance in order to rise the quality of your Windows experience and daily computer based activities.
What's New in 1 Click Boost v2.4
1 Click Boost v2.4 brings improvements with the purpose of rising the quality of its general features, as following:
- System Optimization
- Boost your Internet Performance
- Recovers RAM from invalid allocated Windows applications
- General product performance improvements
- Real time statistics
- Fully configurable with an intuitive and easy to use GUI
Customization Options for new product version:
In the Options section you can select the way 1 Click Boost operates.
- Enable Hotkey (CTRL-B)
If you check this box, it will allow you to use the Hotkey to open the 1 Click Boost menu.
- Enable Hide key (CTRL-S)
If you check this box, it will allow you to use the Hotkey to close the 1 Click Boost menu.
- Show in system tray
If you check this box, 1 Click Boost will be in the system tray.
- Start with Windows
If you check this box, 1 Click Boost will load when Windows starts.
- Live Updates
You can receive updates for the software from the website. Please remember that you must be connected to the Internet for this. Whenever you start 1Click Boost, it automatically checks for updates from the Internet. If you are connected it will automatically update itself.
Increased Performance With a set of performance upgrades and connection tweaking settings, 1 Click Boost v2.4 has been released to the public as FREE trial version, available from our company website or on any listed partner's page. - Secure PC Solutions Company Website - 1 Click Boost v2.4 FREE Download Website
Software purchase price: $29.95
Software renewal price: $ 24.95
You can get additional information and a trial download for 1 Click Boost v2.4 at the following URL:
If you face any problems regarding the downloading of our product, please contact: Secure PC Solutions, 1133 Broadway Suite 706, New York, NY 10010, USA

About Secure PC Solutions
Based in the U.S.A., Secure PC Solutions Inc. builds innovative software that provides cutting edge solutions for personal computer users and businesses around the world. Our diverse team of skilled professionals comes from several countries around the globe. These experts comprise a cutting edge group that has been carefully selected for their experience and ability in their respective fields of specialty.
Be a trusted software partner for individuals and enterprises around the world.
Secure PC Solutions endeavors to be a leader in our industry as we engineer superior, feature rich, powerful software applications that exceed the competition. We complement this with unparalleled customer support and affordably priced products.
*Windows is a Registered Trademark of Microsoft

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