TeachMeIT launches Programming Curriculum for Microsoft ASP.NET

New Jersey, US: TeachMeIT, a leading provider of online courses in IT and desktop applications, has launched the curriculum for Microsoft ASP.NET. Spread over three courses, the curriculum focuses on the basic, intermediate and advanced levels of the ASP.NET technology. Principally designed for learners new to ASP.NET wanting to learn development of web applications as well as ASP developers transitioning to .NET, the curriculum also caters to the skill updation needs of professionals working on ASP.NET.
ASP.NET, a part of .Net Framework, helps in building powerful, dynamic Web applications. ASP.NET helps the learner deliver real world Web applications in record time. ASP.NET provides a programming model and infrastructure that offers the necessary services for programmers to develop web-based applications. It enhances developer's productivity and results and also provides greater tool support. ASP. Net is built upon international standards giving advantage of wider accessibility. Improved design, advanced security, extensible architect are added benefits that you get on learning ASP.NET.

The TeachMeIT ASP.NET Curriculum includes three courses. The ‘Fundamentals of ASP.NET' course enables the learner identify basic concepts and benefits of ASP.NET applications. They also learn about various development tools and the ASP.NET architecture and objects. Additionally, the course covers ASP.NET controls, working with ASP.NET Web pages, adding advanced controls, and validating user input.

‘Programming with ASP.NET - Part I' is the second course in the ASP.NET curriculum. It introduces the learner to intermediate concepts of programming with ASP.NET and covers concepts related to handling the application and session states of ASP.NET applications. It also covers concepts related to handling to configuring and deploying applications and configuring authentication for ASP.NET web applications.

‘Programming with ASP.NET - Part II' introduces the learner to the advanced concepts of programming with ASP.NET. This course teaches users about handling different types of errors in ASP.NET code, logging errors, and tracing code execution. It also covers code debugging by using the CLR Debugger and the Visual Studio .NET IDE besides the use of XML.

Free demos of the new courses are available online at:
Fundamentals Course -
Intermediate Course -
Advanced Course -

All TeachMeIT courses are spread across different chapters, which enable learners grasp the learning effectively. The learners also have the option to choose the topic of their interest to start their course, enabling them to focus the preparation on the specific areas as per their individual requirements. The content and the questions are designed to provide maximum learning with minimum effort.

Each course is equipped with quizzes at the end of each lesson and also includes a Mastery Exam module, to be taken after completing the entire course.

For more information on TeachMeIT's courses and catalog visit:

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