Make all links on Your web page real catch for Search Engine spiders


A fast and easy solution to make dynamic links look like static ones in the eyes of search engines

Helicon Tech today announces the release of LinkFreeze, version 2.1, a powerful tool that allows you to make search engines grasp at every link on your web-site. With the help of LinkFreeze it is really easy to modify dynamic links on your site so that they will look like static file links, favored by search engine robots.

"Links have been the internet's currency ever since Larry Page and Sergey Brin developed a system of ranking web pages based on the number of incoming links and outgoing links on them," says Yaroslav Govorunov, CEO of Helicon Tech. "Until now some part of this currency was not quite freely convertible. Dynamic content is what most search engines don't really like. Usually they will not go deep indexing links with parameters, give such files much less pagerank or even refuse to crawl dynamic pages at all. If you are running a database driven site, for example, an online store, and use query strings in your links, search engines will often index them not in a proper way. LinkFreeze can rewrite these URLs to make them look like static links."

Static HTML links are links that do not use redirection or javascript, just plain HTML, and, unlike dynamic ones, are easily spidered by search engine robots. The great advantage of LinkFreeze is that it allows you not to make any changes to the code of your pages, since the program works as an ISAPI and immediately applies the changes to all links on the page whenever it is requested on the server. So, for users, search engine spiders or any other clients dynamic links look like static ones. The moment such a link is clicked by any user LinkFreeze will intercept his request on the server and rewrite URL back to the dynamic form. That means that your applications will still be thinking they are working with old dynamic links.

LinkFreeze is also safe for your current applications and backward links because all old dynamic links will remain working. If someone puts old dynamic links in a favorites or if other sites are linking to yours using dynamic syntax - all these links will still work, but the pages on the site will contain new optimized links. Also it should be noted that the changes applied by LinkFreeze to your links will hide the technology your site is running on since there will be no .asp file extension in the link anymore. As for the substituting characters and file extensions, it is really easy to configure them separately in LinkFreeze's user-friendly interface.

LinkFreeze Main Benefits at a Glance
• Dynamic sites optimization for search engine indexing by making all links look like static file links
• No access to your application technology by intruders
• No modification of the web site pages needed
• No disturbances in the working of all old links and applications after the changes are applied
• Flexible - substitution characters and file extension hiding can be configured separately and different settings can be applied for different parts of your site Pricing and Availability
LinkFreeze runs under Windows 2000/2003/XP and costs $49 (USD) per Single web site license and $249 (USD) per Server license. Single web site license permits to enable LinkFreeze on one web site for the unlimited period of time. Term "web site" means here a Microsoft Internet Information Server web site node. Server license permits to install and enable LinkFreeze on a single physical computer with unlimited number of web sites or domains. Registered customers are entitled to free updates and lifetime technical support. An evaluation version of LinkFreeze is available as a free download at (1.14 Mb).


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