Tech-Pro Limited Releases Version 1.2 of Tech-Pro Utilities


Tech-Pro Limited is pleased to announce the release of version 1.2 of its utility suite, Tech-Pro Utilities. This is a free-to-use suite of simple, no-frills Windows tools that can save time and improve productivity. Users who wish to do so may become registered by sending a small donation.

Tech-Pro Utilities 1.2 includes:
- Tech-Pro Menu: a customizable application launcher that is started from the system tray;
- Tech-Pro Zip: a fast, simple and effective Zip archive manager;
- Tech-Pro Search: a simple, fast file search tool;
- Tech-Pro Textpad: a Notepad-like text editor and note taking tool, instantly available from the system tray;
- Tech-Pro Sticky Notes: creates small notes on your desktop;
- Tech-Pro Safe: a secure password store;
- Tech-Pro StopAds: an effective advert and pop-up blocker that works in all web browsers;
- Tech-Pro Clock Sync: a utility that synchronizes the system clock with an atomic time server;
- and many more.

"Software doesn't have to be bloated, slow and resource-hungry to be useful" says Tech-Pro director Julian Moss. "I started developing these utilities a few years ago first of all for my own convenience. I used them all the time, and thought that others might also find them useful. Since then, tens of thousands of people have downloaded the utilities from our website, and many of those have expressed their appreciation by sending a small donation to become a registered user."

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About Tech-Pro Limited

Tech-Pro Limited sells a wide range of tried and tested Windows utility software, both developed in-house or from third parties, including system tuning, security and data recovery tools.

About the author
Julian Moss is Director of Tech-Pro Limited. He has worked in the IT industry for more than 30 years in programming and technical support roles, and also writes for a number of computer publications in the UK.

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Tech-Pro Limited
Julian Moss

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