Trace Your Website Visitors on the Interactive World Map


Altstone Software unveils a fresh version of Geo Log Analyzer. This program is a major step forward in a geographical aspect of the Internet marketing analysis.

Today Altstone Software announces the release of a program, which can help you take a fresh look at your customers and potential business partners on the net. Geo Log Analyzer allows you to distinguish geographical locations of your website visitors. Ease of use is the first thought that comes to your mind, when you begin to work with the new interactive map. Geo Log Analyzer gives accurate and quick analysis of your website logs and then you find out, on what continent, in what country, in what city the majority of your visitors live. Unique geographical traffic distribution visualization module, which is built in the program, displays information concerning the number of unique IPs, visits and hits for countries, states, separate cities, precise time of the first and the last visit.

The whole world becomes an open book before your eyes. The most active cities on the map are marked with stars, less active are marked with various circles. The map is zoomable and movable, so that a scale you choose yourself. All the detailed information about your website visitors is displayed in a compact table form. Thesee tables can be converted to the HTML, XML, CSV and Excel formats. Besides, there is command line support, which allows to form reports in accordance with your schedule.

Another important feature in the program is its ability to recognize spiders. The data base of Geo Log Analyzer is able to recognize 1100+ spiders and spam bots. You will receive comprehensive information about each spider visit: what kind of web robot, when and what it recorded on your website. Apart from that, developers at Altstone Software decided to provide you with a special tool, which can detect one's geographic location right away. Geo Resolver is a separate module, which has been designed for manual detection of locations. All you need is just to enter an IP address or a host name, geographic location is given in a moment.

Geo Log Analyzer Features at a Glance:
- Unique zoomable interactive world map;
- Number of unique IPs, visits and hits for countries, states and separate cities;
- Spiders' activity (recognizes 1100+ spiders and spam bots);
- Variety of special filters: common filters, geographical filters, visitor filters;
- Ability to read GZ, TGZ and ZIP compressed logs;
- Apache Common, Apache Combined, and IIS log file formats support;
- Ease of use.

Pricing and Availability
Geo Log Analyzer runs under Windows 2000/XP/2003 and costs $49.95 (USD). A fully functional 30-day trial version of the program is available as a free download at 11.8 (Mb)

About Altstone Software
Founded in 2004, Altstone Software is an information technology company. Altstone's principle software products include such programs as Private Notetaker (a simple and reliable encryption tool) and ITSD Organizer (a simple solution for identifying important steps in achieving a goal, gathering and recording new bits of useful information). The company's aim is to make your work with the PC more comfortable, that is why the developers are always glad to hear your remarks and suggestions concerning the improvement of their software. For more information about Altstone Software Team, please visit

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Product page link:
Download link: 11.8 (Mb)

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