INFOTECS Advances ViPNet VPN With New Security, Applications, and Communication Features.

Germany, July 2006 - INFOTECS, a leading internet security software vendor, has released an update for its software VPN products ViPNet OFFICE and ViPNet TUNNEL, version 2.8.11/1.3.

ViPNet OFFICE and ViPNet TUNNEL are software products for creating a virtual private network (VPN) based on the ViPNet technology that is a true alternative for such well known technologies as IPSec or SSL.

This update enables secure work with Microsoft Windows Remote Desktop Connection (Windows Terminal Server Client) or VNC. The update will allow ViPNet users not only to securely use Microsoft Windows Remote Desktop Connection (Windows Terminal Server Client) or VNC, but also to initiate a connection between these applications directly from a ViPNet application. The update also contains a completely new installation routine that will make the deployment of a ViPNet network faster.

The ViPNet technology is successfully used to build VPNs both in large corporations and in small local area networks. The main idea behind the ViPNet technology is to protect information all the way, i.e. from vpn client to vpn client, from desktop to desktop, gateway-to-gateway. Protection is provided on a low network level, which is impossible with SSL, while IPSec is very complicated in case of a desktop-desktop interaction and most VPN vendors do not provide this opportunity.

The full-featured demo version of the software with a 45-day operation period is available for downloading at For more detailed information about this software you can explore

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Contact: Alexey Novikov
Title: Business Development Manager

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