3D Model Polygon Reduction Made Better


3D Model Polygon Reduction Made Better

Users of new VizUp Reducer will benefit from faster visualization and compression of 3D models, improved quality of textures mapping and plenty of other additions and enhancements.

Vancouver, Canada. - August 15, 2006: VizUp Technology today announces the release of version 2.2 of VizUp Reducer, an ad-hoc 3D model compression and optimization system. Featuring an advanced compression algorithm, VizUp enables users to import a 3D model from external sources, reduce the number of polygons in it and export the output to a variety of popular 3D file formats. In polygon reduction, VizUp Reducer's artificial intelligence automatically chooses a perfect balance between size and details and produces a fantastic fine-looking result. Thanks to this, users of 3D modelling software will never again spend hours on tuning a model manually.

What is Unique in VizUp Reducer?
The program is unique thanks to its ability to retain good visual fidelity of a 3D model, regardless of the chosen compression level. Even at 80-90% compression ratios, distortions are minimal since VizUp Reducer does not change the coordinates of the vertices. Let's say, for example, you have imported a high-poly 3D model, which renders too slowly. Polygon reduction in VizUp Reducer can compress it from 6 Mb to 1 Mb with absolutely no difference in appearance. After reduction, this model can be used for real-time visualization, for example, by a designer, who would like to evaluate his concept or present it to other people.

Another unique feature in VizUp Reducer is its ability to compress a 3D model for all possible ratios at once. Prior to actual compression, users can see how the model will look at any level of compression instantly without the need to restart polygon reduction each time for 10%, 20%, 30% and other ratios. Users can examine a model from different perspectives and in different visualization modes. A model can be displayed as a set of textures, a set of smooth surfaces colored according to the material, as an object consisting of flat polygons, etc. This will help to choose the best compression ratio that will meet the users' requirements.

What's New in Version 2.2?
Version 2.2 works even faster and better. Thanks to improved visualization speed, users will discover that highly complex models are rendered much faster than it was in the previous versions. Now VizUp Reducer can visualize large 3D models with up to 5.000.000 polygons, which was impossible before. Another advantage is an enhanced reduction algorithm that will please user's eye with a better quality of texture mapping and correct processing of normals. There is more control over compression thanks to the ability to recalculate and refine normals, and an added absorption of adjoining shapes will contribute to better visual quality of a model.

Find a full list of additions and enhancements in version 2.2 at
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Pricing and Availability
VizUp Reducer 2.2 runs under Windows 98/Me/NT/2000/XP/2003. The product is distributed in three editions: Standard with fast reduction, $299 (USD); Professional with advanced reduction, $895 (USD); Enterprise, which is optimized for very large models, $2.495 (USD). Registered customers are entitled to discounts on future updates and premium technical support. Additional information on VizUp Reducer, as well as its evaluation copy (with minor limitations) is available from VizUp's internet website at

About VizUp Technology
Founded in 2002, VizUp Technology specializes in 3D and CAD/CAE polygon reduction and visualization technologies. The goal of the company is to develop software that will make the quality level of automatic polygon reduction equal to that of a human designer. VizUp is the author of a highly successful family of polygon reduction tools that has thousands of users worldwide. For more information, visit


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Postal address: VizUp Technology, 302-4464 West 10th Ave., Vancouver, BC V6R 2H9, Canada
Phone/Fax: 604-339-9217

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