Coin Collecting Software - EzCoin 2006

Coin Collecting Software - EzCoin:

SoftPro 2010 Inc. has released EzCoin: a coin collecting software package for US and Canadian coins packed with useful features for the novice and experience collector alike.

EzCoin is an easy to use & comprehensive coin inventory program. EzCoin databases are the most comprehensive and accurate available. Reliable current market values are pre-supplied with all databases, so you can value your coin collection. The USA database has over 5,325 coins listed with over 1,330 images supplied covering coins from 1847-2006 . Over 1,850 coins are listed in the Canada coin database, with over 1,450 Color Images included on CD.
All pertinent coin information is provided for each coin so you don't have to enter it. Packed with features not found in any other coin software.
Includes values for many grades for each coin. Keep track of your coins plus your purchase & selling information.
Add any varieties not in the database, plus track coins from ANY country including Topical Coin Collections!
Powerful Search capabilities to find your coins quickly. Our unique Thumbnail Viewer allows you to search and view your coins by image. With our Power Search feature, you can locate any coin by any criteria you choose. Search by year, description, value or any combination !
Easy to read reports in spreadsheet format and view your reports with the coin images as well. WANT Lists, Inventory & Valuation reports are just a click away! Our reports are unsurpassed in their flexibility. Great for insurance purposes as well as keeping track of what you have and don't have.
Easily track all your coins in multiple grades with current, accurate coin values built into EzCoin
Use our unique Rapid Entry feature to quickly inventory a range of coins. No need to enter each coin one by one.
Comprehensive manual to guide you if needed. Fast, friendly, unsurpassed technical support hotline via phone or email.
Coin collections can be valuable and need to be properly inventoried and valued.
Join the thousands who use our software to track and manage their collections. Compare to other programs & see why EzCoin is the number one best selling coin collecting software program worldwide!

* EzCoin can help you ORGANIZE your collection now!
* Is your coin collection in Disarray ?
* Do you know what you have or don't have?.
* Do you know the value of your collection?
* Tired of wasting time trying to find your coins?
* Need an inventory for Insurance purposes?
* With EzCoin, the chore of valuing & inventorying your collection is made easy. Our powerful reports let you view your collection in many ways. Accurate valuations at a glance !
* Let EzCoin help you Organize your collection. You can use it as a digital catalog as well !
* It's easy, accurate, fun & it's fast.
* Coin Collecting Software the way it should be!

A FREE fully functional version is available for download from our website

About SoftPro 2010 Inc.:

SoftPro has been developing and marketing stamp and coin collection software since 1992.
SoftPro is a world leader in software development for the hobby industry. Other products by softPro include EzStamp, a stamp collecting software package allowing you to easily value and inventory your stamp collection using the insdustry standart SCOTT numbering system.
Also available are EzGrader ( stamp grading software ), AlbumGen ( stamp page and album creation software ), EzImage ( image eding software ).


Marios Theodossiou
President, Softpro 2010
118 Palomino Dr., Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario,
Tel / Fax : (705) 254-6201

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