Zabersoft steps up the pace with a new FREE version of PimpFish and a wide new range of downloading features


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Arni Johannesson
Zabersoft, Inc.

Zabersoft steps up the pace with a new FREE version of PimpFish and a wide new range of downloading features

Odense Denmark, August 14th, 2006 - Zabersoft, Inc. announces the release of PimpFish Basic - A new completely free, feature-reduced version of PimpFish for the masses. PimpFish is a popular image and movie download manager application for the Windows platform.

The new Basic version is the product of a surprisingly fast development cycle and it boasts all the core downloading features of PimpFish. Features which have been removed include a tray thumbnail viewer, automatic gallery generator and a few extra settings.

"We clearly saw a demand out there for a free version of PimpFish right from the beginning. We are hoping that by offering a free, but slightly feature-reduced version of the application, the initial download barrier will be that much easier to cross" said Arni Johannesson, Zabersoft CEO and co-founder.

Coinciding with the release of PimpFish Basic, Zabersoft has released a new video downloading tool based on the PimpFish SLAPfile technology which allows users to easily save video from the most popular video hosting websites out there. Currently this tool supports downloading from - - - - - and

"This new SLAPfile feature is just the beginning. We are hoping that in our next major release we will be able to integrate all this functionality directly into the application as a seamless plug-in architecture. That way people will never have to worry about technical details such as page URL's or going back and forth between our online tool and the video websites." said Michael Dunn, Senior Software Architect, Microsoft Visual Developer MVP, and Zabersoft co-founder.

PimpFish, is a new download manager application. Designed to work on Windows 98/Me/2000/XP/2003, PimpFish is a Download Manager, Internet Explorer or Firefox toolbar and an assortment of plug-ins designed to make it easier to download and share content you find online. With PimpFish, you can grab, download, organize, and share Flash, QuickTime or any other video, pictures, or files you find on Web sites. PimpFish has enjoyed tremendous popularity since its release January this year and has gained more than 100.000 new users (and counting) since its release.

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