Bookmark Base team announced the recent release of its Bookmark Base software tool v1.0.1.2 which is a portable bookmark manager. It's designed for advanced Internet users and it allows user to synchronize bookmarks between different computers and browsers.

Bookmark Base now supports 3 main browsers: Internet Explorer, Firefox and Opera. Clean interface allows user to import bookmarks from browser in just two clicks. Then user can check bookmarks for validity (‘dead' links checker), edit and reorganize them, manually add bookmarks to Bookmark Base. Exporting is as simple as importing: select the target browser(s) and press OK. All duplicate links are silently skipped; Bookmark Base intellectually merges all of them.

This tool was created with portability in mind: the most convenient way to use it - placing on some portable carrier device, i.e. USB drive or iPod. Bookmark Base leaves no traces on host PC and stores bookmarks in encrypted DB so your Internet findings are secured in-house.
Bookmark Base has full Unicode support so you can use hieroglyphs, Cyrillic, umlauts and all other international writing features.

Bookmark Base is a privately held, self-funded project with headquarters in Kiev, Ukraine. Our team consists of four people from Ukraine, Germany and USA.

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