Pick-a-Proxy Toolbar - the most funny way to hide IP and surf anonymously absolutely for free


Anonymous surfing with hidden IP is possible using proxy servers and enormous amount of web sites publish long lists of proxy servers available for public use.
Biggest problem here is that most proxies go away very fast and must be scanned and checked before each use.
Proxy checking is not all you need: after proxy is checked you need to set it up in Internet Explorer proxy settings, using appropriate connection entry, rather annoying task.

Want to simplify this process? Pick-a-Proxy Toolbar is just for you - download very simple 2-button toolbar and select anonymous proxies with just 2 mouse clicks!

Pick-a-Proxy Toolbar is a FREE Internet Explorer toolbar which lets you surf the web anonymously. Totally free or charge! And no spyware or adware of course.

Please visit for more information.

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