Backups for Heterogeneous Environments? No problem, says Vembu Technologies


Think ‘backups‘ and a variety of questions automatically crop up faster than you can say ‘data'! From whether you're backing up servers or workstations to whether they're running Windows, Linux, Mac or whatever else! And then there's ‘application/data type' - what are you backing up, anyway? Outlook, SQL, Exchange, or simply user generated data of the ‘My Documents' kind? Finally there's the deployment itself; backup to an on-site server or online to a remote server, or both? The list of possible permutations is endless. Managing heterogeneous backup solutions across heterogeneous environments can make any system administrator's worst nightmare come true!
Vembu Technologies, a leading provider of innovative backup and storage solutions, has released version 2.1 of Vembu StoreGrid, the flexible and feature packed data backup software that simply works with your existing hardware!
"We believe that there's a pressing need for a comprehensive solution that addresses backup needs across applications, operating systems and network configurations." says Lakshmanan Narayan, VP-Marketing of Vembu Technologies. "End users are often led to believe that they need a different solution for servers, workstations, SQL, Outlook, online backups, etc."
Vembu StoreGrid allows end users & sys admins to back up distributed data from servers and workstations running Windows, Linux, Mac or FreeBSD operating systems to any disk based location anywhere. This could be a remote online server, an onsite server, a USB disk or a NAS box, or even other computers in a network in a peer to peer backup deployment. Basically, any form of disk to disk (D2D) backup from and to any machine on any OS is possible!
Besides its own arsenal of unique features, StoreGrid has all the regular bells and whistles as well. Robust (up to 448 bit) encryption, intelligent incremental data backups with Intelli-Delta technology, every conceivable scheduling option including continuous data protection (CDP) and powerful compression are standard ‘vanilla features', as the company calls them. This flexibility without compromising on the basics is key, believes Lakshmanan. "Throw in a fantastic user interface and fanatical technical support, and you've got a pretty powerful proposition", he adds.
Dewey Straughn, a co-founder of Superior IT, a Florida based IT solution provider would agree. "We're offering full blown online backup services to our customers now. Our remote backup services wholly run on StoreGrid, and its deployment flexibility allows us to tweak our solutions to customize it for each customer, as required" says Dewey. "So much so, we're now recommending that our customers move to a disk based backup solution even for their internal backup requirements which may not necessarily include an online backup component", he adds.
Mr. Straughn is one of the many IT Solution Providers offering online backup services on StoreGrid's technology. Besides the Solution Provider community, Storegrid is also gaining traction amongst System Administrators looking for backup solutions for use within their offices and remote and branch offices.
Full feature trials of Vembu StoreGrid are available for download at

About Vembu Technologies:
Vembu Technologies is a leading provider of innovative backup and storage solutions, and is a finalist in the Red Herring 100 (Asia) Awards, 2006. The company's flagship product "StoreGrid" is a flexible and feature packed data backup software that simply works with your existing hardware! Vembu plans to develop more innovative products in the storage domain, all with one objective: that of making storage and backup "easy to deploy and manage" for a broad spectrum of users. Vembu Technologies is located in Chennai, India

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