CPM Ads provide better branding leverage on


A recent report by Deutsche Bank in conjunction with MediaPost informs that online ad spending in the second quarter, shot up 13.8 percent over the first three months of 2006.

Internet ad spend has crossed over $152 million according to respondents during the last quarter the study informs. Also, forecast for third-quarter survey indicated that spending would only increase by around 10 percent.

Such a happenstance cannot be misplaced even as several internet advertising options like Cost per Click (CPC), Cost per Mille or one thousand impressions (CPM), and Pay per Click (PPC) are currently available.

Internet media ads though mainly categorized in banner and text, have caught the fancy of advertisers and the media, alike. Where visitors and viewership are areas of concern for all website makers, client conversions tops every marketing strategist's aim.

This is when Cost Per Mille (or per one thousand impressions) campaign makes the difference. Presently, the rate per one thousand impressions normally varies between $8 to 100, but a leading online textile marketplace has come up with a trump card.

Sudhakar Patel, Marketing Manager, Fibre2fashion - a portal on apparel, textiles and fashion says, "We have over 800,000 unique visitors and 50,000,000 page views, hence, CPM works out as the most profitable advertising option for our clients. When online branding, new product launch or announcement of seasonal sales, CPM is the best according our experience."

Serving the above industries for over 6 years now, offers business solutions, news, articles and information that help them survive and sustain in the most hostile and competitive business environment.

"Fibre2ashion proposes the lowest CPM at $5 per thousand impressions which is by far the most competitive offer available on the internet in competing sectors, catering to our industry interests," rounds off Patel.
Recent news about ‘click frauds' and other CPC search programs failures have only gone to prove that CPM is a better and reliable option as the best internet or online branding preposition.
Companies in the core Textile, Apparel, Fashion, Leather, Footwear and Retail industries and service providers will be highly beneficial. Other segments that will gain maximum ROI through CPM ads will be banks, cad cam software, ERP applications, research organizations, designer wear, fashion accessories, clothing brands, footwear brands, communications, shipping & logistics, cargo & courier, hotels and airlines industry.

Fibre2fashion has emerged as a distinctive b2b platform for global Textile, Apparel, Fashion and Retail and allied industries with total visitor base of about 1 million per month and page-views over 5 million per month from all over the globe. Genuine, authentic and reliability are some phrases that go in accordance with
Summary: - Fibre2fashion provides unlimited access to information and business opportunities exclusively for the Garment-Textile-Fashion industry. We help our members to find buyers, sellers, manufacturers, importers, exporters and suppliers of all products belonging to the Apparel-Textile-Fashion industry.

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