TULASOFT has announced the immediate availability of SQL Examiner 1.4 and SQL Data Examiner 1.0. SQL Examiner enables developers to compare the schema of two Microsoft SQL Server databases and quickly locate the changes in tables, views, stored procedures or any other object in the database. Coupled with SQL Data Examiner, this duet can also compare and synchronize data differences between the two databases. New to SQL Examiner 1.4 is an ability to compare and synchronize CLR-objects, which are now supported by SQL Server 2005.

Typically, SQL developers make plenty of changes in a development database before transferring them to a production database. This process is tedious since it takes hours of intensive scripting by hand. Besides, it often involves long debugging if errors occurred during the transfer. SQL Examiner, coupled with SQL Data Examiner, allows developers to automate the schema and data comparison and synchronization, so that a production database fully matches a development one and has no missing structure elements. Developers can take advantage of wide opportunities in configuring synchronization parameters to make synchronization script meet their requirements. When a script is being prepared, all links between objects and data are traced automatically, which is difficult to do manually. It is enough to select only one object and all the objects dependent on it will be included into the resulting script. The software has a clean and intuitive Office 2003/Visual Studio 2005-style user interface, which can be customized to individual preferences of the developer.

What is unique in SQL Examiner? - SQL Examiner, unlike competitors, supports different synchronization sources. When needed, you can use a backup or a detached database files or a snapshot as a source database. For your convenience, SQL Examiner compares a live database with a previous backup without even restoring it; - When SQL Examiner synchronizes the schema, it can take into account the data, stored in an updated database too. For example, when you add a constraint UNIQUE to a column, existing data will be checked for their uniqueness and a warning displayed if data fail to comply with the constraint; - When there are several ways of dealing with a particular issue, SQL Examiner offers you to select the conversion method. For instance, if you try to add a NOT NULL column without the DEFAULT limitation to a table with data, you will get a warning that it is impossible to add this column and you will be able to select the conversion method that suits you best - either add the column as allowing NULL values or write some default value in the new column (you can even use an SQL script to fill the column with data!); -SQL Examiner provides a Partial Synchronization mode that allows you to drill down to select specific columns within a table for a more fine grained comparison. Let's say, for example, there are two columns that differ from each other by three columns and two constraints. In such a case, you can specify only two columns and one constraint during synchronization.

Pricing and Availability
SQL Examiner 1.4 and SQL Data Examiner 1.0 are compatible with Microsoft Windows NT 4.0, 2000, XP, 2003 and require Microsoft .NET framework. Two products are distributed as standalone applications or as a single bundle with a considerable discount. SQL Examiner costs $199.95 (USD) for a single-user license. Discounts for volume buyers are available. Registered customers are entitled to premium technical support, free minor updates and major updates with a considerable discount. Additional information on the products, detailed documentation, as well as evaluation copies can be found at

Founded in 2003 by Michael Gerasimov, TulaSoft is an Information Technology company developing value added software tools for Microsoft SQL Server. TulaSoft is the author of SQL Examiner, a high speed database comparison and synchronization tool, and SQL Data Examiner, a tool that compares and synchronizes SQL Server database contents and simplifies data migration. Over the last 3 years, SQL Examiner has become the choice software for customers in 25 countries. TulaSoft is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, which acknowledges their status as a respected provider of development tools, created in the spirit of Microsoft Software Development. For more information, please visit

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