4WomenOnly 5.2 Has Been Released! New Features and Special Offer!

For immediate release

August 31, 2006

Contact: Sergey Bodrikov
Company: Mutex Developments
Title: Chief Executive Officer
Tel: +7 4236 644068 (GMT+10:00)

Be aware of the ovulation days with the newest version of the best software tool for monitoring women’s health and fertility! Protect yourself against an unwanted pregnancy - 4WomenOnly v. 5.2. is on the alert every day

Mutex Developments announces today the immediate availability of 4WomenOnly v. 5.2., the newest version of a powerful tool for calculation the date of ovulation. Using this software, you can detect the period in your menstrual cycle most propitious for conception. The program calculates an ovulation day and the probability of conception will be the highest on this day. Of course, 4WomenOnly also shows the safest days on the calendar. The program gives detailed information about each day of the menstrual cycle. It calculates the number of days before each next menstruation and ovulation. Moreover, it can predict a child's sex by the Chinese Lunar Calendar according to the entered data and displays detailed information about the child's birth date. It should be mentioned that 4WomenOnly v. 5.2 also deals with irregular cycles or various menstruation lengths. As the software stores information about each of the cycles and about each day, irregular cycles do not affect the correctness of calculations. No aspect of women’s health peculiarities is leaved unattended in 4WomenOnly v. 5.2., as this software was developed in collaboration with the leading experts in gynecology. 4WomenOnly v. 5.2 comes with an e-book "Getting Pregnant - a Guide for the Infertile Couple" by Dr Malpani.

4WomenOnly v. 5.2 contains an lot of useful features: a convenient reminder for you not to forget to enter the data about your state, a calendar for half a year, statistics for particular periods, features for exporting and printing data, a Date/Time Calculator and much more. 4WomenOnly has a special wizard, which makes creating your personal calendar easier. The program allows you to edit the parameters of the current and each previous cycle, record the state of your health every day. You can also set reminders for upcoming menstruation and ovulation. 4WomenOnly v. 5.2 allows you to share it with your friends, flat mates, relatives, colleagues and so on, but at the same time it keeps your private information safe - 4WomenOnly supports several different personal calendars and protects each of them with a password. Here, the Wizard is used to specify the parameters of each calendar. The program minimizes into a tray icon with a color indication for the current day (menstruation, ovulation, etc.) and displays a small calendar when you move the mouse pointer over the tray icon of the program. 4WomenOnly allows you to configure it for an auto-start together with Windows.

As this program was designed especially for women, its catchy and modern interface satisfies even the most demanding taste. The pictures and graphs are bright enough, but never annoying. The calendar window pleases the eye with soft colors and functional layout, everything is clear, the detailed descriptions are always at hand and in their place. 4WomenOnly v. 5.2 has a feminine, elegant looking interface due to high-quality design with mild coloring and fine graphics featuring sleek shapes and nice fonts. You will find the buttons on the upper panel of the window not only very handy and useful but also stylish and modern-looking. The finest design is not the only strong feature of 4WomenOnly v. 5.2, the sounds are very nice too. All this makes this powerful software even more appealing. No doubt, you will really enjoy all features of 4WomenOnly v. 5.2, including a small icon in shape of a red tulip on the tray of your the desktop. 4WomenOnly v. 5.2 is extremely easy in use, no special skills or knowledge is required. Any PC user can enjoy its effectiveness due to its simplicity. Plan your life and take care of your health with 4WomenOnly v. 5.2!

Pricing and Availability
4WomenOnly v. 5.2 runs under Microsoft Windows 98/ME/XP/2000/2003. The software costs $29.99 (USD). Additional information on the product is available from

Special Offer
For the duration of the launch campaign, 4WomenOnly is available with a 15% discount. Customers are invited to to buy this product with a discount. The coupon is “4wopress”.

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NOTE TO EDITORS: Please, let us know if you have questions or would like any additional information on 4WomenOnly v. 5.2. A free registration key is available upon request to all editors considering a review.

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