TeachMeIT Launches Self-paced Online Courses for Microsoft VB.NET

New Jersey, US: TeachMeIT, a leading provider of online courses in IT and desktop applications, has launched the curriculum on Microsoft VB.NET. Spread over three courses, the curriculum focuses on the elementary, intermediate and advanced levels of the VB.NET. The VB.NET curriculum is principally designed for VB developers and other programmers who plan to use VB.NET for future application development.

VB.NET is the easiest and most productive tool for creating .NET applications, including Windows applications, Web Services, and Web applications. Greater application responsiveness combined with simplified localization and accessibility makes VB.NET the choice for today's VB developers.

Developers using Visual Basic .NET can build robust windows-based applications that leverage the rich user interface features available in the Windows operating system. VB.NET not only comprises of the rapid application development (RAD) such as drag-and-drop design and code behind forms but also contains features, such as automatic control resizing. It delivers the answer to all of your application setup and maintenance problems.

The TeachMeIT VB.NET Curriculum enables learners grasp the fundamentals as well as advanced concepts in VB.NET. The first course in the series is titled ‘Fundamentals of Microsoft VB.NET’ and introduces the learner to the VB.NET language. The course teaches the learner about creating projects in VB.NET, defining classes and declaring objects and methods. In addition, this course discusses arrays and collections, comparison operators, loops, and if-then statements.

The second course, ‘Using Forms and Debugging Tools’ teaches the learner about working with forms and various debugging tools. It teaches creation of multiple-form applications and adding controls such as labels, text boxes, buttons, image boxes, menus, list boxes, and combo boxes. In addition, this course discusses web forms and validation controls.

‘ADO.NET, Web Services, and VB.NET Application Distribution’ is the third and final course in the curriculum and covers ADO.NET objects and the methods used for binding data to VB.NET controls. It also covers the methods for building simple and complex Web services. Additionally, the course deals with concepts related to deploying and distributing VB.NET applications and performing advanced configurations.

Free demos of the new courses are available online at:
Fundamentals of Microsoft VB.NET -
Using Forms and Debugging Tools –
ADO.NET, Web Services, and VB.NET Application Distribution -

All TeachMeIT courses are spread across different chapters, which enable learners grasp the learning effectively. The learners also have the option to choose the topic of their interest to start their course, enabling them to focus the preparation on the specific areas as per their individual requirements. The content and the questions are designed to provide maximum learning with minimum effort.

Each course is equipped with quizzes at the end of each lesson and also includes a Mastery Exam module, to be taken after completing the entire course.

For more information on TeachMeIT's courses and catalog visit:

About (, a US-based leading Online IT courses provider, offers a catalogue of over 250 courses in several technologies, from desktop application essentials and the basics of graphics software, to topics such as website development, database administration and object-oriented programming.

TeachMeIT is a division of Infopro Corporation, a New Jersey-based provider of the elearning solutions. Infopro Corporation has been successfully developing and delivering cost-effective online courseware and learning management solutions for many of the world's best-known companies including Motorola, Fidelity Investments, Thomson NETg, ACT, The Boston Group, GeneEd, Seagate, Tiffany & Co., AGFA, EBIX, Experian, Gartner, Oracle, Novartis, Sybase, Panasonic Avionics Corporation, Johnson & Johnson, and many more.

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