Gladiators Software releases AltDesk 1.7


AltDesk 1.7 is the latest version of highly customizable Virtual Desktop Manager from Gladiators Software. Easing your work with numerous documents, AltDesk desktops are more efficient, and take less time to use than switching
tasks manually or even using Windows XP enhanced task handling. Every desktop can have its own name and keyboard shortcut for quick access. Virtual Desktops utilise little screen area, and can have any shape and size, dependent on appearance theme used. As with Astonshell, there are a considerable array of pre-built themes for AltDesk, and is easily modified by the user. A great companion to Aston Shell, the two work seamlessly together to create an unparalleled computing experience.

AltDesk is an award-winning Virtual Desktop manager, which helps you organizing tasks in a more efficient way. When using it you can work with tens of opened windows at once and still have a clear Desktop with only few opened windows visible. While working with AltDesk's Virtual Desktops you can swtich groups of tasks, not only tasks themselves. Besides, swapping
tasks between Desktops can be done by using intuitive Drag and Drop interface.

AltDesk's main features:
+Support for up to 256 Virtual Desktops (most people only need 4 to 6).
+Easy task management (any task can be set active or sent to any Desktop in a blink of an eye).
+Ability to set a unique wallpaper for each Virtual Desktop.
+Fast swtiching between Desktops (even if they have different wallpapers!) by using mouse or hotkeys.
+Skins, letting you change the program's look in a second.
+Task previews.
+User-friendly configuration interface (suitable for both novices and experienced users).
+Hotkeys for all actions.
+Support for virtually any language by using translation files.
+Modest resource requirements.
+Much more! Discover yourself.

What's new in AltDesk 1.7
+ Individual set of icons for every Virtual Desktop is possible now.
+ The wallpaper assignation is more logical now: by default you have the shell wallpaper on every Virtual Desktop. In order to have some custom wallpaper for a Desktop, you should set it in the corresponding field. The shell wallpaper is restored on each exit. When you start AltDesk again, you get your custom wallpaper settings back.
+ All the tasks can be simultaneously moved to the desired Desktop by means of the corresponding option in the context menu.
+ Task switching takes less time.
* Fixed bug: minimize on start didn't work.
* Fixed bug: "Turn off IE5 and higher compatibility mode" setting turned unchecked on every reboot.
* Fixed bug: "Virtual Desktops" setting window was too narrow.
* Fixed bug: sometimes the image path was displayed incorrectly.

System Requirements:
* Windows 98/ME/NT/2000/XP/2003/Vista (Windows 2000/XP or above is recommended)
* Intel Pentium/AMD K5 or better processor
* At least 32 Mb RAM (128 for Windows XP)
* Few megabytes of hard disk space for program and skins
* Any videocard, supporting true color mode
* Keyboard
* Mouse (recommended)
In general, AltDesk runs well on any computer capable of running Windows 98 and above operating system.

Time-limited demo versions of AltDesk can be downloaded from, and single or bulk licenses may be purchased at the

About Gladiators Software:
Founded in the early 1990’s in Moscow, Russia, Gladiators software specializes in Desktop replacement and enhancement software for Windows. Its two main products are Aston Shell and AltDesk.

Copyright: © 2006 Gladiators Software, Inc. All other trademarks and registered trademarks are the sole property of their respective owners.

For more information, contact Gladiators Software at:
Web site:


Note: registered users of AltDesk can upgrade to this version free of charge.

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