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A Useful Tool That Makes Boring and Time-Consuming Retyping Your Past

Softvoile announces today the release of Flashpaste, version 3.6. Flashpaste is a powerful, easily customizable and practical tool to enter frequently used text. The more the amount of your writing is, the more acute becomes the problem of inevitable time-loss associated with typing the same phrases over and over. If we take the professional sphere, any coder or developer will readily agree that his product could hit the market much faster if only there was a way to avoid time-consuming retyping. As for home usage - just think of all those numerous letters, usually full of standard phrases. Typing them every time can drive you crazy. Flashpaste is a wonderful solution to this problem. The phrases, retyping of which could cause you a headache before, are now entered only once for future unlimited pasting. The very moment you start using Flashpaste your productivity shoots up.
Flashpaste is not only extremely useful; it is also extremely easy to use. All you need is, first, enter the necessary text, frequently used addresses, e-mail text blocks, HTML codes, words, phrases and paragraphs, and then specify the cover string that will represent this text in the Flashpaste popup list. After this is completed, any time you need to enter your pre-defined phrase, you just press the hot key (you specify it in the program dialog) and select the necessary line from the popup list. To select the line you can also type its first symbols or simply give it a mouse click. Flashpaste can also be used to create macros, strings that are either replaced or processed by an application. Using macros allows you to paste the current time and date, insert the commands emulating pressing the Tab or Enter keys, and more. This is really powerful, because the macros form their content at the moment of usage (the moment of copying to clipboard), so they always provide up-to-date information on time, date, etc. Besides, the program conveniently records your clipboard history. Unlike the standard Windows clipboard, Flashpaste is not limited to the last copied text segment, it helpfully records several recently copied words, numbers and phrases for you to reuse them in future any time you need. This feature saves a lot of your precious time by allowing you to refer to the text fragments saved in your clipboard history instead of repeatedly copying and pasting them, which makes it a real must-have for software developers and writers.

The new version of Flashpaste features several useful improvements. Now you can paste your text with the use of Hot Keys (either a number from 0 to 9, or a letter from the first keyboard line, "q" to "p"). Any current branch will show these Hot Keys as labels in front of its first 20 strings. To select a string you simply have to press the hot key associated with it. There is also available the Ctrl-"hot key" combination to immediately paste the string you need. This makes the process of pasting with Flashpaste even faster. The feature is not mandatory and you can disable it any moment by selecting "Don't use" option for Hot Key labels at the "Hot Key Labels" page in Flashpaste options. With F3 Hot Key in the String Selection Dialog Box you can switch between ‘Show hot key labels', ‘no hot key labels' or ‘show hot keys over main icons' modes. There has also been added a command line feature to support running Flashpaste from USB drive without installation. And finally, today the much requested backup feature is provided and you can be sure no vital data that you keep in Flashpaste files is lost.
Flashpaste Benefits at a Glance
Text storage organized into categories - organize your frequently used texts and store them as templates in the user-defined categories
Productivity tool - you enter the necessary text once and use them over and over!
Paste your text using hotkeys
Clipboard history - saves your time by keeping in stock the text fragments you have recently used
No accidental data loss guaranteed by backup feature
Pricing and Availability
Flashpaste Lite is a freeware tool and is available at (765K). Flashpaste Professional costs $19.95 (USD). Registered customers are entitled to free updates and lifetime technical support. A 30-day fully functional evaluation version of Flashpaste Professional is available as a free download at (675K).

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