Avangate Integrated License Renewal for Maximized Sales

Avangate BV, shareware registration service and e-commerce provider for online software sales released today a top new feature of its Avangate® solution - license renewal and subscription. The feature makes it possible for software vendors to manage the renewal for time limited licenses and to maximize their client portfolio potential while gaining key knowledge on recurrent buyers, all in a user-friendly, easy to manage and integrated manner.

The process is automatic, time saving and very easy to handle with a set-up wizard in just four easy steps: set the renewal options, import existing licenses, set the renewal options for each product and define the product discounts.

Software vendors can import existing licenses into the Avangate platform, set discounts to be sent with renewal messages and allow for a specific grace period after license expiration, using a unique discount coupon.

The solution also integrates a notification module that sends emails to customers reminding them to renew their licenses, with a customizable number of days before expiration. Better client portfolio management and closer client relation eventually lead to higher sales volumes.

"License renewal is an important tool in sales management first because it has a direct impact on sales growth and secondly because it provides important end-user data required in the sales strategy. We are always innovating our solutions to integrate such sensitive tools and hence support our clients' sales efforts," says Cristian Badea, CIO Avangate BV.

"The license renewal and subscription feature is integrated with Avangate®, and works smoothly with online payments. The result is a single ecommerce platform for managing all business aspects in online software distribution" adds Cristian Badea.

Avangate® license renewal and subscription feature is a powerful add-on to any software business, taking customer license renewal further on and adding all the benefits of a single business application - fast, seamless interoperability, online payments compatibility, time effectiveness, and control.

About Avangate B.V.
Avangate B.V. provides solutions for electronic software distribution and reseller management, assisting software companies worldwide in successfully selling their products online and at the same time efficiently managing a distribution network. The company's offer includes an eCommerce platform incorporating an easy to use and secure online payment system plus software marketing services and additional marketing and sales tools such as an affiliate network, automated cross selling options, software promotion management, real time reporting, 24/7 shopper support, and the myAvangate reseller management program specifically designed for software sales.

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