Panda Security for Business Leverages Collective Intelligence to Provide Unmatched Protection Against Malware.

GLENDALE, Calif., Dec. 3 -- Panda Security, a leading
provider of IT security solutions, today announced the availability of Panda Security for Business version 4.02SP1, the most comprehensive, multi-layered protection from malware attacks for orporate users available today. Panda Security for Business allows customers access to its online,on-demand audit service, Malware Radar, for detecting and disinfecting malware and other security problems that slip past the permanent protection systems installed at most companies. In addition, Panda Security for Business is the first solution to leverage Collective Intelligence, Panda's unique security approach that automates and enhances the malware collection, classification and vaccination process by gathering malware information from the Internet community at large, rather than locally.

"At Yankee Group we believe security software that provides behavior blocking and 'herd intelligence' features will become increasingly
important tools to enable enterprises to defend themselves," said Andrew Jaquith, Senior Analyst, Yankee Group.

Today's targeted malware attacks are infecting unsuspecting businesses at astonishing rates, rendering traditional anti-virus solutions ineffective. For example, a leading industry analyst firm recently predicted that by the end of this year up to 75 percent of enterprises will be infected with some form of undetected, financially motivated malware. Panda Security for Business integrates Malware Radar to bring companies periodic non-intrusive malware audits, providing maximum security against targeted attacks, botnets and other threats that manage to bypass traditional protection. Each threat discovered forms part of Panda Security's planetary database, which now includes more than two million samples of malware. And because it is an online service, this security model minimizes resource consumption on local systems.

Panda Security for Business brings several industry-first features and
benefits to users:

-- Web 2.0 Protection: Delivers a new security model to fight Malware 2.0 by collecting information from the Internet community to deliver superior security protection
-- Complete Process Automation: Fully automates sample collection, analysis, and vaccine generation processes
-- Proactive Protection: Blocks unknown threats through proactive protection
-- Periodic Auditing: Reveals threats not recognized by existing security solutions through periodic risk assessment audits
-- Layered Protection: Provides users with access to all network points through protection at different infrastructure layers including the desktop, server and gateway
-- Remote Updates: Enables users to update signature files directly from PandaLabs through a WiFi network

Panda Security for Business integrates three generations of protection
-- antivirus, anti-malware and proactive technologies -- with a new, fourth generation technology called Collective Intelligence. Collective
Intelligence is based on exhaustive remote, centralized, and real-time
knowledge about malware and non-malicious applications maintained through the automatic processing of all scanned elements from the "cloud." This approach provides the ability to maximize malware detection capabilities,while at the same time, minimizing the resource and bandwidth consumption of protected systems.

"Panda Security for Business channels the power of Web 2.0 by collecting malware information from a global Internet community to safeguard enterprise systems from a new breed of security threat," said
Gary Leibowitz, general manager, Panda Security USA. "The product's integration with Malware Radar and its pioneering use of Collective Intelligence allows our customers to detect and prevent more threats than any other security software solution in the industry."

About Panda Security

Panda Security is one of the world's leading developers of global security solutions for keeping IT resources free from viruses, intruders
and other Internet threats at the lowest possible Total Cost of Ownership. The company's broad product line includes security software, security
appliances and managed security services for both corporations and home users and are available in 23 languages. Based in Madrid with U.S. headquarters in Glendale, Calif., Panda Security has more than 1,000
employees and offices in 50 countries around the world.

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