Tasktop Technologies Unveils Tasktop Pro with Time Tracking


VANCOUVER, British Columbia, July 24 -- Tasktop Technologies, the company that created and leads the popular Eclipse Mylyn open source task management tool, today announced the availability of the Tasktop Pro Summer 2008 release. Tasktop Pro is an enterprise quality solution, powered by Mylyn, which offers integrated task management, automated context management, time tracking, calendar integration and access to the dramatic productivity improvements of the task-focused user interface.

Tasktop Pro extends Mylyn to a programmer's desktop, enabling one-click multitasking when navigating source code, documents and web pages. It integrates and augments popular application lifecycle management tools, including JIRA, CollabNet, Bugzilla, Rally, Microsoft Outlook, Gmail and Google Calendar. Tasktop extends the advantages of each of these tools, providing a streamlined rich client with offline access and enabling developers and project managers to manage the enormous amounts of information that they are faced with daily.

This version of Tasktop Pro introduces novel task-based time tracking that measures and reports exactly the amount of time spent on tasks shared through Bugzilla, JIRA, CollabNet, or Rally. This information helps Tasktop users ensure their time is being spent on high value work. Tasktop's time tracking feature is completely automated and configurable.

A key benefit of Tasktop's time tracking feature is that it supports a broad range of existing project management solutions, such as CollabNet's IssueZilla, SFEE and Subversion. "CollabNet is excited about its partnership with Tasktop Technologies and the productivity improvements the task-focused interface can bring to users of the CollabNet Enterprise platform," says Mark Phippard, Director of Subversion Engineering at CollabNet.

"With Mylyn, we have provided hundreds of thousands of developers with the core tools needed to work much faster by automatically focusing them on the task-at-hand," says Mik Kersten, Tasktop's President and CTO, and creator of Mylyn. "Today's release of Tasktop Pro incorporates the numerous benefits of the recent Mylyn 3.0 release and is a response to the countless requests from our users for time tracking automation. Tasktop is the first tool to remove the overhead of task-based time tracking as it provides to-the-minute accurate timings based on a user's interactions with the code, documents, web pages and other applications they work on for a given task."

Programmers using a beta release of Tasktop Pro are already raving about the new features. "So far the Tasktop Pro reporting mechanism works like a charm and is even easier to use than I expected. Tasktop keeps making my workday easier with each release," said Kevin Williams, Lead Programmer, at Destination Cairns Marketing.

The company also announced today the availability of a free version of Tasktop that offers Gmail integration, one-click connector updates and a time tracking dashboard to developers using Mylyn. Tasktop Starter is ideal for those looking for an easy way to stay up-to-date with the latest Mylyn release.

About Tasktop Technologies

Tasktop Technologies created the revolutionary task-focused interface and the popular Eclipse Mylyn tool currently used by hundreds of thousands of programmers. The Tasktop line of products extends the productivity benefits of Mylyn to a developer's entire workday and makes the task-focused interface available to other knowledge workers. Tasktop Technologies also offers training and consulting services to the growing number of companies adopting the task-focused paradigm and tools.

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