Gizmox Announces Release of Visual WebGui 6.2


TEL AVIV, Israel, October 13 -- Gizmox, the developer of Visual WebGui open source platform, today announced the release of Visual WebGui 6.2. The upgrade will introduce a complete integration into the Visual Studio designer, allowing Visual WebGui Projects to be configured without any need for manual configuration. The Silverlight Package has also been upgraded to include the Silverlight Packager into the Visual Studio Project Property Pages. In addition, the new version can also be installed without Visual Studio and allows developing web from almost any machine with either the free Visual Studio Express edition, the open source SharpDevelop, or even Notepad. The upgraded version allows Visual WebGui to expose the entire set of desktop development tools exactly as in WinForms, a level that was unreachable in previous versions. The new version also contains an upgraded installation protocol which consolidates all Visual WebGui's Products, Open source Installation, Documentation and Samples into a single step-by-step process. Additional features available in the upgrade include:

- Full Compatibility with Windows Vista
- Customizable Drag and Drop Animation in Run Time
- DHTML Rendering Enhancements providing faster rendering and enabling multi-tab browsing in Internet Explorer 7
- VeriSign Certification Signatures for the entire installation process for higher security

"This new version of Visual WebGui addresses many of the issues raised by the development community about our previous releases," said Navot Peled, CEO of Gizmox. "This edition enables a more efficient usage and configuration of Visual WebGui and the installer includes all of Visual WebGui SDK's. NET versions as well as all of the commercial extensions. We look forward to hearing from our community of developers, who can evaluate the entire solution suite free of charge."

Gizmox is the Company that released Visual WebGui to the public in early 2008, is poised to create a new standard in cloud computing. Since its release there have been over 250,000 downloads of its DHTML version. Visual WebGui (VWG) is a new 'Web like Desktop' platform that offers open source rapid application development (RAD) framework for Line of Business AJAX & Silverlight applications atop the platform ( VWG cuts down development time (proven up to 90%) without compromising on extensibility, scalability, performance, security or complexity.

About Gizmox

Gizmox, the developer of Visual WebGui open source platform and a member of Microsoft's Visual Studio Industry Partner (VSIP) program was founded in July 2007. Gizmox enables web like desktop platfortms; its DHTML SDK has been downloaded by over 250,000 software houses and individual developers with more than 23,000 active and registered community members. More than 25,000 VWG applications have been built, and are in production at enterprises such as SAP, Israel Aerospace Industry, Israeli leading Leumi Bank, Trysis, NetworkD, Net Size, American File Net, Phoenix insurance company, Blue Phoenix and many more. The company is funded by Venture Capital and private investors. Its active chairman of the board is Professor Arie Scope founder of Microsoft's Israel subsidiary, and its former General Manager and Chairman for 16 years.

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