Software MacKiev and Roger Wagner Announce the Reintroduction of HyperStudio(R)


TORONTO, Nov. 14 - Software MacKiev an award-winning software developer and publisher, and Roger Wagner, the original creator of HyperStudio (R) announced the reintroduction of the HyperStudio brand to multimedia computing. HyperStudio 5, the first new edition designed by Mr. Wagner in more than a decade, begins shipping today worldwide and is being demonstrated this week at the annual conference of the Educational Computing Organization of Ontario (ECOO) in Toronto, Canada (booth # 212). HyperStudio has been used around the world by millions of students, teachers, engineers, musicians, film-makers, and even a few rock bands, over the past 20 years as a way of organizing information into a structure of knowledge with which to tell a story. Mr. Wagner, who created the original HyperStudio in 1989 is collaborating with Software MacKiev on a new generation of HyperStudio products. "The new HyperStudio is a worthy successor to the original," explained Roger Wagner. "It does many, many more things than earlier editions that were loved by so many, and does them so much more elegantly. And while this new edition embraces the latest technologies of podcasting, webcams and cloud computing, it does so in the same seamless way the original did -- it just works. I am truly looking forward to a new generation of HyperStudio project authors and presenters, and the wonderful creative works that I know will come from their hands." "We are so pleased and proud to be releasing the first results of our collaboration with Roger," said Software MacKiev President, Jack Minsky. "He is one of the true educational software visionaries of our time, and I am convinced that this new generation of HyperStudio products that we have created together will more than live up to the expectations people have for this legendary brand name."

About HyperStudio 5

True to the original, but updated for modern times, HyperStudio 5 uses the latest technology to provide a completely up-to-date media-rich creative environment for presenting ideas, stories and adventures. The first publicly available version, Advance Release 1.0 for Mac OS X, has been completed and is shipping. Future improvements, such as expanded options for podcasting, and recording and displaying live video, are in progress and will be automatically made available without additional charge to HyperStudio 5 users. A Windows(R) version is being developed in parallel so that files will continue to be fully cross-platform compatible. Availability and Pricing HyperStudio 5 Advance Release edition for Mac OS X is shipping today worldwide. It is available for purchase from the Software MacKiev web store ( starting at $89.95 for a single computer license. Volume license discounts are available as well. HyperStudio 5 for Windows is expected to be completed in the first half of 2009. Until then, Software MacKiev is offering HyperStudio 4.5.1 for Windows which has been updated for compatibility with Vista(R) and XP without changing features or functionality. The HyperStudio 4.5.1 license includes a free upgrade to HyperStudio 5 for Windows when it ships.

About Roger Wagner

Roger Wagner, the technology mentor who created HyperStudio, became best known for his commitment to education and popularizing the importance of multimedia writing and media literacy. He was the first to give students software that enabled them to make meaningful projects from the information they studied. HyperStudio became the number one software title in education. In the past ten years Roger has become a pilot, a patent-holding inventor, and owner of a rare book auction house.

About Software MacKiev

Software MacKiev is a leading developer and publisher of award-winning consumer and educational software, including Kid Pix(R) Deluxe 3X, The Print Shop(R) 2, World Book(R) Multimedia Encyclopedia, 3D Weather Globe(TM) & Atlas, Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing(R), and three Dr. Seuss titles (ABC, Green Eggs and Ham and The Cat in the Hat). In the education market, Software MacKiev also publishes the ClueFinders(R) series and Edmark's Thinkin' Things(R). The company headquarters is in Boston, Massachusetts.

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