Zecure to Deliver Key Insights at the European Card Acquiring Forum '09


COPENHAGEN, Denmark, January 22 -- Zecure, a leading provider of e-commerce fraud prevention solutions, will be presenting at the European Card Acquiring Forum in Berlin 17-19th of February 2009.

At the forum, Zecure will provide major European Acquiring Banks and Payment Service Providers a behind-the-scenes look at how fraudulent e-commerce merchant misrepresent their business, circumventing current risk management and fraud detection solutions in order to process illegal transactions.

Zecure will further demonstrate how shopper behaviour tracking can be used to confirm the origin of each e-commerce transaction and thereby completely eliminate this type of fraud. In the exhibition area of the forum, Zecure will provide a real-time demonstration of this innovative, award-winning technology.

About Zecure:

Zecure is a leading provider of fraud detection and payment processing solutions for the e-commerce industry. Zecure has transformed the merchant due diligence and monitoring process with its award winning Acquirer SAFE solution. By tracking shopper behavior on merchant websites, Zecure's clients are able to cut losses from both cardholder fraud and fraudulent merchants. For more information on Zecure, visit

About European Card Acquiring Forum:

ECAF is Europe's biggest card acquiring event. The ECAF 2009 creates a pan-European discussion platform for the exchange of views and confrontation of different perspectives of the whole card acquiring value chain. For more information on ECAF, visit

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