Zumbox Announces Mailfeed HVTO Partner Program


WESTLAKE VILLAGE, Calif.-- Zumbox, the leading provider of digital postal mail services, announced today its Mailfeed High Volume Transactional Output (HVTO) Partner Program for large output solutions providers, 3rd party software developers and mailing systems manufacturers.

Zumbox connects large transactional, financial and government mailers to consumer households for the delivery of digital postal mail via the Internet. It provides a central, secure online destination for the delivery, storage and permanent recordkeeping of digital postal mail for every household in the United States.

The HVTO program provides integration support, APIs and co-marketing programs to output solutions and other providers who make Zumbox digital postal mail available as an alternative form of output to clients and customers. Certain leading members of the program will also serve as members of a Zumbox industry advisory board designed to allow participants in the output solutions market to shape the future development of Zumbox and digital postal mail.

“We have been working with Zumbox to make the Digital Postal Mail channel available to our clients. We anticipate having a majority of our clients sending mail to the Zumbox platform by the end of the year,” said Dana Johnston, Vice President of Business Development for DST Output, a subsidiary of DST Systems, Inc., a charter Tier One member of the Zumbox HVTO program.

“Participation in the Mailfeed HVTO Partner Program will allow us to provide valuable client feedback that will have an impact on future developments at Zumbox.” Digital postal mail is an exact facsimile of paper mail that is offered as an alternative form of output. Because the mail is created as a redirection of the print stream used to create paper mail, integration costs are nominal, recipients see mail that is familiar and mailers can get up to speed very quickly. Before the mail is printed, large output solutions providers like DST Output use the HVTO APIs to redirect the mail to Zumbox, where it is presented to the household resident as digital postal mail.

"Zumbox provides a central, secure online destination for the delivery, storage and permanent recordkeeping of digital postal mail for every household in the United States," said Adam Schneider, Vice President of Business Development of Zumbox. "There has been a virtual glass ceiling on paper suppression rates, caused by consumers’ belief that they need paper mail for recordkeeping. Zumbox solves this need with a free, verified, recordkeeping solution that breaks the glass ceiling on paper suppression."

The program has two levels for participation based upon the depth of technology integration to Zumbox performed by the partner. The Tier One bracket is reserved for those partners who provide both the highest level of consumer user experience and deliver a general integration that allows all their clients to participate equally without requirements for client-by-client integration. Tier Two partners are those who make digital postal mail presentment available in Zumbox through more basic systems or technology integrations.

Participants in the HVTO program have access to a variety of technical and marketing resources:

* HVTO APIs, a powerful set of read/write Application Program Interfaces (APIs) designed for large mailers, 3rd party software developers and mailing systems manufacturers to quickly and easily redirect digital postal mail to Zumbox based upon a verified residential street address.

* Technical documentation and sample code to speed integration efforts.

* Technical support staff resources to aid in the rapid, low cost implementation.

* Insert/onsert, transpromo and banner designs and other consumer marketing materials for mailers to promote the use of Zumbox and increase their paper suppression rates.

* Incentive programs, including frequent iPad giveaways and other attractive co-marketing efforts designed to further improve paper suppression. Mailers benefit greatly from the cost savings vs. sending paper mail, increased paper suppression rates, better customer communications and, in many cases, faster collections and better customer service. Government mailers benefit as well as commercial mailers.

Zumbox is free to all consumer households in the United States. Delivery of digital postal mail is likewise free to mailers and output solutions providers until a household goes paperless, after which a small fee is charged to the mailer for each delivery. Offering digital postal mail as an alternative form of output allows aggregators to migrate relatively low gross margin mailing revenue they may be losing anyway to higher gross margin digital services revenue.

About Zumbox

Zumbox is the world’s first paperless postal system. It connects large transactional, financial and government mailers to consumer households for the delivery and storage of digital postal mail via the Internet. Digital postal mail is an exact facsimile of paper mail created from a redirection of the print stream originally intended for large mailing systems. For every U.S. street address, there is a corresponding Zumbox - a digital mailbox - enabling mail and other content to be sent as digital files and received online. Zumbox represents a more cost-effective, convenient and environmentally responsible way to deliver postal mail. As a closed system of known, verified mailers and recipients, Zumbox provides bank-level security and complies with PCI, HIPAA and BITS security standards. For more information, visit

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