Kaavo Enables Third Parties to Publish and Share Best Practice Cloud Deployments


STAMFORD, Conn.-- Kaavo, an innovative provider of solutions for managing distributed applications in the clouds, today announced that its IMOD Platform now makes it easy to publish and share System Definitions for deploying and managing simple single server or complex multi-server, multi-tier applications and workloads.

This new functionality allows developers, ISVs, and Managed Hosting partners to easily deliver one click deployment and run-time autopilot capabilities to their customers. Any user can now publish System Definitions and share it with any or all users of IMOD. “We are excited to deliver this capability. Users can think of this as an App Store for cloud applications,” said Jamal Mazhar, Founder and CEO of Kaavo. “By using this functionality, developers and ISVs can deliver on-demand applications to their customers on any Kaavo supported cloud.” Kaavo will be conducting a 30 minute free webinar to give a quick overview of how to publish and share simple and complex cloud deployments and runtime best practices using Kaavo IMOD.

About Kaavo

Kaavo provides solutions for managing distributed applications in the clouds. Kaavo’s core product, Infrastructure and Middleware On Demand (IMOD), makes it easier for individuals and businesses to leverage on-demand infrastructure and run secure and scalable applications and workloads in the cloud. Only the Cloud Application and Workload Management Platform from Kaavo delivers single click deployment of applications in addition to autopilot capabilities to manage service levels without human intervention. Kaavo has partnerships and full integration with some of the largest cloud providing companies in the world including Amazon, Rackspace, and IBM. For more information, please visit

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