IssueTrak Version 9.6 Offers More Process Management Features, Easier Installation


IssueTrak, an internationally recognized leader in issue tracking, help desk and customer support software, today announced the release of IssueTrak Version 9.6. The new version includes more than 40 improvements, including greater ability to automate issue handling, an automated installer making it easier to implement IssueTrak in 64-bit environments, greater ability to create workflows, improved asset management, more survey choices, and new report and dashboard options.

"The enhancements in Version 9.6 are entirely the result of suggestions from IssueTrak customers," said Hank Luhring, CEO of IssueTrak, Inc. "We work hard to gather this feedback – our customer support staff, vice president of development, customer care manager, sales engineers, and professional services staff are all involved in actively soliciting suggestions from our customers. Our customers have great ideas and we are delighted to incorporate them into our software. The result is a robust product that handles a wide variety of needs and is still simple to use."

"The most important area of improvement in IssueTrak Version 9.6 is in process management, which is a direct result of more people using IssueTrak in non-traditional ways, such as for human resources or facilities management," said LaDonna Beauregard, vice president of development for IssueTrak. "As our clients find new ways to utilize IssueTrak, we're working hard to make the software even more flexible and provide the capabilities they will need to get the maximum value from the software no matter how they are using it."

IssueTrak Version 9.6 enables users to provide exceptional customer service, both to their internal and external customers. The improved process management capabilities allow users greater ability to move issues through their lifecycle automatically. Assignments, rules, and incoming email processing have all been extended.

Additionally, features were also added to improve customer support capabilities, including more powerful surveys, control over knowledge base permissions, and email distribution options. Asset management capabilities were strengthened, including expanded check-in/check-out functionality and more saved information about software licenses. Additional options are now available in reports and dashboards.

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